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Storm Damage in Cartledge Creek Area

Storm Damage in Richmond County
Photograph by J.A. Bolton

ROCKINGHAM – Monday evening’s thunder storms brought more rain to Richmond County. but also a lot of tree damage along Dockery Road and Cartledge Creek Road in Northwest Richmond County.

According to residents, the storm moved in fast and either a small tornado or straight-line winds quickly touched down within sight of the Cartledge Creek Baptist Church area.

Some trees fell on houses and across yards while others were blown across the road and brought down power lines, all within less than a mile or two of the area.

Luckily, no trees fell on the church building, but a large pine tree was brought down in the front yard of the church.


No injuries were reported, power was restored and clean-up was going full-scale on Tuesday morning.

June was a dry month for the county but July’s thunderstorms have made up a lot of the rainfall deficit.

Remember, if a storm is in your area, take cover and don’t worry so much about material things – they can be replaced.


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