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The Richmond Observer to Make Major Announcements, Hold Grand Opening Thursday

Join the RO for its grand opening event Thursday, October 12 at 4:30 p.m. Major announcements are set to be made.

ROCKINGHAM – The Richmond Observer (RO) will hold its official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony this Thursday, October 12 at 4:30 p.m. at its main location in downtown Rockingham.

The event is held in conjunction with the Richmond County Chamber of Commerce, which frequently holds ribbon cutting ceremonies for recently-opened member businesses. The Observer’s ribbon cutting event will feature more than just a ceremonial opening of the RO’s main headquarters.

Lance Jenkins, co-founder of The Richmond Observer, said there will be “major” announcements at the event regarding the future of publication and the company.

“As we continue to grow the RO into the product Richmond County is asking for, we are excited to make announcements this Thursday that will further expand what the RO is offering to its readers and viewers,” said Jenkins. “We are committed to expanding the publication and continuing to offer it to our readers and viewers at no cost.”

The Richmond Observer, which launched its first edition on July 1, in three months has surpassed over 6,000 reads/views per day and nearly 2,500 views per day for the company’s flagship nightly news program, LIVE AT 5. Jenkins did hint that new programming is among the announcements for this Thursday’s grand opening event.

“While there are various big announcements to be made, we will definitely be announcing new programming for our video and media division and could not be more excited,” Jenkins said. “The RO is committed to listening to our viewers and supporters to determine what they want to read and watch, and that will continue to be evident on Thursday.”


Guests to speak at the grand opening program include Kenneth Robinette, chairman of the Richmond County Board of Commissioners, Steve Morris, mayor of the City of Rockingham, and Seth Allen, Membership Director of the Richmond County Chamber of Commerce.

Pastor Ronnie McLean of Freedom Baptist Church in Rockingham will open the ceremony with a word of prayer, and Kenny Melvin, also co-founder of The Richmond Observer, will offer remarks about how RO originated. Jenkins will close the grand opening event with the company’s major announcements.

The event will be held on the front lawn if weather permits, but the ceremony will be held inside the facility if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Guests will be treated with a reception to follow, as well as an opportunity to tour the building and get behind the official LIVE AT 5 news desk and get a photo taken with friends.

“Affair on the Square” will be held in downtown Rockingham immediately following the RO’s grand opening event. The address for The Richmond Observer’s main location is 505 Rockingham Road in Rockingham.

For more information, call The Richmond Observer at (910) 817-3169, download the official RO app for iPhone or Android devices, or visit richmondobserver.com.

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