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TOP STORY: Hamlet Police Asking for Public’s Assistance in Dog Attack Death

David Robert Baber
Contributed photo.

HAMLET – After a relatively futile search for definitive information regarding the victim of last week’s dog attack at 308 West Hamlet Avenue, the Hamlet Police Department is asking for assistance.

Multiple attempts have been exercised to discern the identity and location of – and subsequently notify – the victim’s immediate family. 

Initially reported to have been 69 years old, the victim is thought to be David Robert Baber and was actually 65 (as of October 2nd), according to the latest information made available by the Hamlet Police Department.

Possible leads (e.g., alleged employment at Walmart in Aberdeen, military veteran status, etc.) have yet to prove definitive, but it is believed that Baber may have been from Michigan and has a daughter of unknown whereabouts.

308 West Hamlet Avenue is where the attack on Baber happened.


What is known is that Kanorie Parnell, the nine-year-old neighbor of the victim, made heroic attempts to save Baber.

As reported by Hamlet Police Chief Scott Waters, Parnell was, “was in the yard with the victim (Baber) and the dogs when the attack occurred.” 

Chief Waters reiterated the bravery of Parnell, noting that, “He (Kanorie) threw bricks at the dogs in an attempt to save the victim. Obviously, such actions could have easily caused the dogs to turn on the boy.”

According to Parnell, two of Baber’s five dogs began fighting and, when Baber attempted to separate them, he was attacked.

Hamlet Police are asking that anyone with information as to the identity and/or location of anyone related to or familiar with Baber contact them at 910-582-7982.

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