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WAYN repeats $25K advertising grant to Richmond County Chamber members

Rockingham radio station WAYN today announced a $25,000 advertising grant to be distributed to members of the Richmond County Chamber of Commerce who need assistance due to business problems associated with the impact of COVID-19.

“COVID has devastated so many businesses,” said Bill Futterer, WAYN president, “and inflation over the past 12 months has caused additional business disruption.“

“WAYN has been a catalyst for commerce here for 77 years, and we think we have discovered a new way to help our neighbors survive and flourish. We provide ongoing COVID-recovery assistance to existing customers, but this is a way to extend our assistance to the entire county.”

Help will be distributed anonymously, said Futterer.

“We have an outstanding Chamber here. They are in touch with what is going on in the business community, so we will hear from them as to companies that could use a boost. Plus, we will take input from our staff and business friends in Richmond County.

“We also are providing assistance to businesses that join the Chamber in 2023,” continued Futterer. “We hope that help, plus the ability to apply for the advertising grants, will encourage more businesses to join the Chamber. We consider the Chamber a critical county business organization.”


The Futterer family has owned WAYN since 1964. It is now operated by siblings Mary Morgan, John Futterer and Bill Futterer.

“We remember this as a close-knit community where people looked after their neighbors,” continued Futterer. “We hope our commitment will encourage others to see how they can contribute to the well-being of Richmond County.”

The WAYN grants are available immediately.

In 2022, the studios and offices of WAYN relocated to the Richmond Observer building on Lawrence Street in Rockingham after 64 years behind Richmond Plaza Shopping Center. WAYN’s original studio was in the historic Manufacturers Building on East Washington Street in downtown Rockingham.

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