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We Are Richmond: Chris and Ashley Turner of Twisted Treats

Twisted Treats.
Rita Thames.

To cool down on a hot, summer day, what better treat than ice cream? It doesn’t have to be summertime though, to enjoy ice cream from Twisted Treats, a local ice cream shop owned and operated by Chris and Ashley Turner. The Turners opened Twisted Treats in August of last year. They sought a business that would benefit the community.

The family had always loved ice cream and ate it often. They eventually decided to turn their love for the frozen treat, into a business. Ashley Turner is quick to point out that they “not only offer hand dipped ice cream at their shop, but also gelato, Italian ice, frozen yogurt, banana splits, and milkshakes as well.” The Twisted Tornado is a popular item on the menu that allows the customer to choose their desired flavor and a number of toppings to be mixed together.

In addition to the traditional Twisted Treat experience, the Turners offer the option of a mobile ice cream truck for birthday parties, family reunions, church events,school parties and fundraisers. The truck is a fun way for the Turners to prepare for fundraisers in the community as a means “to pay it forward.” They currently have 26 events booked for this month, with up to three events occurring on the same day.

Chris Turner states that he and his wife always agreed they would donate a portion of the income from Twisted Treats back to the community.


Turner says, “although we put a lot of time and money into the business, it’s not a big money maker; at least 30% of what we make goes back to the community, whether it’s the Lions Club, the schools, (5000 Cool Kids Cards), soccer teams, or other community organizations.” Twisted Treats provided 1,100 cups of free ice cream to Richmond County teachers at their end of year appreciation picnic. “Our kids, Neely and C.J., are in public schools and this was another way to support the schools and thank teachers for what they do.” Turner states.

The Turners look for opportunities to benefit children in the community, such as free ice cream for ‘A’ honor roll and giving out Cool Kid Cards. They believe that Twisted Treats allows their own children, as well as other children and their families in the community, a safe place to have fun. Turner says that he’s not in the business to make a lot of money. His belief is that “If you do more for someone else than you do for yourself, you’re the one that’s going to prosper from it. You’re going to be happy.” According to Turner, from the time Twisted Treats opened in August through the end of December, almost $22,000 was donated to various community organizations. The family agrees that as a business, Twisted Treats is fun, keeps them busy, and is a positive way to show their love for others in the community.


If you haven’t visited Twisted Treats, you really are missing out on a treat! Visit them at Richmond Plaza, 1305 E Broad Avenue, Suite 14.

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