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“World’s Biggest Stocking” Being Given Away by Hamlet Public Library

Hamlet Library Assistant Belinda Norton stands with “The World’s Biggest Stocking”

HAMLET – The staff at Hamlet Public Library is always proactive in regard to children’s reading, but the fall period presents a challenge in this regard.

“Children’s checkouts are slow this time of year so we wanted an incentive to try to increase them,” said library assistant Belinda Norton.  “There is always a decline after the summer and especially during the holidays.” 

While brainstorming various ways to encourage kids to read more at this time of the year, library assistant Heather Jones came up with an idea:  a “World’s Biggest Stocking” promotion.

Reflecting on such a project that she noticed in the Laurinburg Farmer’s Home Furniture Store, Jones wondered if a similar undertaking could be applied to enhance Hamlet children’s interest in reading.

With the support of supervisor Carmella Johnson, Norton pursued the concept, contacting the manager of Rockingham Farmers’ Home Furniture, Lori Lynn.


Norton commented that, “Lori was very happy to help us with a donation of a display.”   And so the delivery of “The World’s Biggest Stocking” was completed and it was set up in the lobby of the library.

The idea is to provide some excitement and incentive for the kids to come check out books (and, of course, actually read them) at a time of the school year when they may not otherwise be thinking about the library and learning.

“Every time they check out five books their name goes into the box for the drawing for the stocking,” noted Johnson, so multiple chances are possible.

And the value of the stocking filled with gifts and goodies is estimated at over $150, so will indeed be a substantial win for some lucky reader.

The drawing for the stocking and all of its contents will be held at 12 p.m. on Friday, December 15, in the lobby of the Hamlet Public Library.

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