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Destiny Buie: Official Female Richmond County Athlete of the Week

Destiny Buie named the Ro's female student athlete of the week.
Photo courtesy of Destiny Buie

Name: Destiny Buie

Year: Senior

Fall Sport: Tennis

Events: No. 1 Seed Singles and Doubles

Years on Varsity: 4 years

Playing Experience: 4 years (began as a 9th grader)

Height & Weight: 5’3”/110 lbs.

Favorite Subjects: Buie is not only a force on the tennis court, but she also takes her schooling very seriously. She is currently taking AP Chemistry and English IV at RSHS, and is enrolled in three online courses this semester at Richmond Community College.

Buie also interns at X-Way Road Animal Hospital on mornings she doesn’t have class. When she graduates in the spring, Buie will have nearly two years of college credits already under her belt.

RSHS Sports: Soccer: Buie was a member of the RSHS girls soccer team during her freshman and sophomore years. She ended her soccer career to focus on her school work.

RSHS Extracurricular Activities: Buie is an active member of several RSHS clubs, including a member of National Beta Club and National Honors Society. As she is ranked No. 13 in the class of 2018, she served as a junior marshal last year.

She is also a member of Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA), where she has competed in North Carolina’s state conference. In 2016, she made it to the second round of the nursing assistant category, and plans to attend again this year, representing herself in the veterinary assistant category.

Hobbies: One thing that is clear about Buie is her bubbly personality, and her desire to help people and animals alike. She spends several hours a month volunteering at the Richmond County Humane Society, and is currently fostering a kitten.

Buie also has a passion for all animals. This past summer, Buie was privileged enough to travel to Indonesia for two weeks as a volunteer. While there, she learned about the culture and helped rehabilitate injured sea turtles. She also participated in two turtle releases.

Aside from doing “normal teenage things,” she enjoys painting and hanging out with her friends.

College Aspirations: As Buie is a “part-time” college student already, she hopes to eventually major in biology following graduation in the spring. Her No. 1 goal is to attend North Carolina State University and enroll in its veterinary program, as she wants to make a career out of helping and caring for animals.

If she is unable to attend NC State, she will enroll at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington or the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in their pre-veterinary programs.

Interesting Fact: What she says is, “a well-know fact” about herself, Buie told the RO she was adopted when she was four years old by her uncle, Jonathan Buie and his wife, Ashleigh. She refers to them as “mom” and “dad” and credits them with getting her to where she is today.


She says that the Buies took her in when she had no support, and have helped launch her to be the successful person she is today. Buie also had siblings who were adopted by other family members.

Player of the Week Stats:

Buie was an integral part in helping the Lady Raiders tennis team go on a six-match winning streak earlier this month. As the team’s No. 1 seed, she has picked up several wins in singles and doubles events.

In recent matches against Purnell Swett and Hoke County high schools, Buie has dominated in singles and doubles competition. She defeated Purnell Swett’s Abi Lowery 6-4, 6-1 and Hoke’s Jamie Moore 6-3, 6-3. Alongside Pittman, Buie also earned wins in doubles play against Purnell Swett’s Lowry and McKenzie Cummings, and defeated Hoke’s No. 1 seeded pairing 8-3 Tuesday.

What does it mean to you to be Richmond’s No. 1 single and double seeded player?

“It means a lot to me, because Coach (Mike) Way has trusted me with the responsibility to be a leader on the court,” Buie said. “I wasn’t a ‘leader’ as a junior, but this year, I’ve been able to step up and fulfill that role.”

“Being the No.1 seed means I have the expectation to perform during each match,” Buie added. “There aren’t any off days. I’ve got a great partner in doubles (Kathleen Pittman), and we know what it takes to lead the team on and off the court.”

Describe your playing style and your expectations for the rest of the season.

“When I first started playing tennis, I wasn’t very aggressive, especially at the net,” Buie admitted. “But now I’d describe myself as an aggressive player. I am a lot more comfortable playing close to the net and delivering balls back.”

“As I’ve progressed, I’ve gotten quicker on the court,” Buie noted. “As a team, we’ve got this ‘hunger to win’ mentality. It’s great because our one through six players are the strongest core we’ve had since I’ve played here. I think we can finish the season strong, and land in the top three in conference play.”

Coach’s Corner

Head coach Mike Way acknowledges Buie’s leadership on the court, and believe that she has stepped up into the role she has worked so hard to deserve.

“As a senior and the team’s No. 1 seed, Destiny is a leader whether she wants to be or not,” Way said. “She has done will this year in remaining positive event when her matches haven’t got the way she would like.

“Destiny has come a long way in my two years as her coach,” Way added. “We had our differences last year, but she used it as a positive, and it has made her a better teammate.”

Why is Buie worthy of this week’s Student Athlete of the Week nomination?

“Destiny is an excellent student,” Way pointed out. “In conjunction with that, she is also an excellent tennis player. Her leadership on the court, along with her play, is the reason she deserves this recognition.”

Look for Buie on the Richmond Observer’s flagship news program Live at 5, as she’ll be in studio for Wednesday’s edition.

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