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Emily Faw: The Official Richmond County Female Athlete of the Week

Emily Faw is the Official Richmond County Female Athlete of the Week.
Photo courtesy of Jimmy McDonald.

Name: Emily Faw

Age: 16

Year: Junior

Fall Sport: Cheerleader

Position: Back Spot

Years on Varsity: 3 years

Height & Weight: 5’6”/140 lbs.

Experience: 5 years (began cheering in seventh grade)

Emily Faw has been named the Official Richmond County Female Athlete of the Week presented by the Richmond Observer. Faw, whose red hair and bubbly personality can light up a crowd, can be seen leading cheers on Friday night alongside the Richmond Raiders football team.

RSHS Academics: Currently tied for second in her class (class of 2019), Faw is enrolled in Richmond Senior High School’s dual-enrollment program in conjunction with Richmond Community College. During her exclusive interview with the Richmond Observer, Faw noted that academics have always been an “important part” of her life and takes her schooling very seriously.

As a member of the AP cluster at RSHS, Faw is taking Honors Chemistry, AP Language and Composition and AP Art History. At RCC, Faw is enrolled in Spanish III, Math 171 and a public speaking course, which she noted as being her favorite class.

“I’ve always enjoyed talking,” Faw said laughing. “Speaking in front of people has never scared me. The public speaking class is helping me speak more effectively, and I can use it with cheer.

“I also like AP Language and Composition,” she added. “It’s interesting to be able to learn how to not only write a paper, but also be able to be able to back up what I believe. I’ve never been forced to try and see things from other people’s perspectives before, so the class is making me a better reader, writer and listener.”

RSHS Sports: Faw doesn’t participate in any other Richmond sports, as she’s involved with a competitive dance company outside of school. She was a goalkeeper on the Lady Raiders’ junior varsity team her freshman year.

Extracurricular Activities: Faw is one of the most recognizable faces around Richmond not only for her up-tempo spirit, but also for her involvement in several clubs around the school. She’s a general member of the National Beta Club, and is anticipating being nominated for National Honors Society later this year. She also participates in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which is an after-school program that combines athletics with fellowship.

Over the past summer, Faw was nominated for Governor’s School at Meredith College in Raleigh. Unable to go due to prior commitments with the RSHS cheer team, Faw said it was an honor to be recognized in the first place. In keeping with the theme of “government,” Faw expressed interest in running for Richmond’s student Senate as a senior.

“I was the media relations director for student government at Ninth Grade Academy,” Faw said. “So, I’d like to continue being a part of the school’s involvement through Senate.

“The way it works is students get voted into the Senate, and then the selected Senate members vote for the different officers,” she added. “I don’t have one in particular I’d like to be. I just want to be a part of my school.”

Hobbies: As aforementioned, Faw’s biggest passion in life is dance. She began dancing as a fourth grader with Step To It, a dance company that has since been bought and renamed as Bold Moves Dance Company. Faw participates in several styles of dance, which include lyrical, temporary, jazz and Broadway.

She credits former dance instructor Rene Ward, and current instructor Holly Littlefield, for her love of competitive dance. Recently, she performed at Seaboard Festival in Hamlet.

“My favorite style is Broadway,” Faw said. “I like it most because I like to perform, and I get to use my hands and face the most in with this style.”

Faw has also had a lot of success with cheerleading. During RSHS’ annual trip to cheer camp at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Faw has been nominated twice for the All-American team, which recognizes cheerleaders for their leadership and attitude. This afforded her the opportunity to cheer in the 2017 Citrus Bowl pre-game show.

In her time away from cheer and dance, Faw enjoys attending youth group at Freedom Baptist Church. She works at Carolina Jewelry and Pawn, and enjoys just hanging out with friends and family.

Faw also spends time around Richmond County volunteering for various organizations. She’s volunteered at Richmond County Hospice, the Pee Dee Pregnancy Resource Center and with the vacation bible school at Freedom Baptist Church.

Interesting Fact: For her interesting fact, Faw spoke about something that most high schoolers don’t take a lot of time to do – read.

“I’ve always enjoyed reading, especially classic novels,” Faw noted. “I really like Jane Austen’s writing. My favorite classic novel is “Sense and Sensibility” because the two main characters remind me so much of my sister and me.

“The characters are so different, just like Macy and me,” Faw explained. “But at the same time, they’re there to support one another despite being so different. I’m really loud and Macy is quiet; but we’re sisters. So, there’s the connection to the book.”’

College Aspirations: Faw acknowledge that college application time isn’t too far away, and that she’s considering several schools and majors. And cheering and dancing at the college level are certainly on her radar.

“I’m thinking about going to school for biological engineering,” Faw said. “I’d like to study medical advancements in people. But I’m also interested in being a speech pathologist because I never get tired of talking. And I think I can help people struggling in either field.”


In terms of schools, Faw said she’s considering UNC, North Carolina State University and Campbell University. But she says she’s got time to decide and is keeping her options open.

Mentor: Each week, the RO asks its athlete of the week to explain who her mentor is. Faw chose two people, her mother Amy Faw, and her younger sister and fellow varsity cheerleader Macy Faw.

“Even when my mom goes through tough situations (like her battle with cancer), she’s stays up and doesn’t get down on herself,” Faw said. “She showed me that even though she was physically weak, she was as strong as ever in her faith. And she was always there for our family, even though we should have been there for her. I’ll never be able to say ‘thank you’ enough for everything she’s done.”

“She’s really the boss mom,” Faw said with a chuckle.

Macy, who is a freshman, is also one of Faw’s mentors. And she noted that her younger sister will ‘probably kill her’ for choosing her, but truly means what she has to say.

“Macy is the complete opposite of me,” Faw said. “But she always helps me if I’m going too fast or I’m too over the top. She’ll tell me to calm down, and sometimes I need that.

“She can push my buttons, but she also brings out the best in me,” Faw added. “I’m really glad she’s cheering this year with me.”

What does it mean to you to be a Richmond cheerleader? What role does leadership play for you on the squad?

“It means the most to me that I get to showcase my hard work,” Faw said. “Our season is from May until March, and we work all summer. In order to go out on Friday nights and do what we do, we have to bust our tails in practice, listen to our coach and focus.

“Every week, we try to go out and bring the most energy we can,” Faw continued. “It’s important to me that I’m energetic as a leader on the cheer team. This year we are trying really hard to be a family instead of just a group of girls who cheer.”

Coach’s Corner: Head coach Meredith Hood explained that she chose Faw because of her leadership abilities and great personality.

“I have three returning juniors that have been great leaders for the younger girls,” Hood explained. “I chose Emily because she is a great kid with great morals and values. She’s hardworking, dedicated and has a strong work ethic which has earned her All-American honors multiple times at SpiritXpress cheerleading camp at UNC.

“She brings lots of spirit and energy to the sideline of Friday nights,” Hood added. “Emily is a great role model.”

Look for Faw on the Richmond Observer’s flagship news program Live at 5, as she’ll be in studio for Wednesday’s edition.

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