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Jaheim Covington: The Official Male Richmond County Athlete of the Week

Jaheim Covington, Raiders running back, is this week's Official Male Richmond County Athlete of the Week.
Photo courtesy of Jaheim Covington.

Name: Jaheim Covington

Age: 15

Year: Sophomore

Fall Sport: Football

Position: Running Back

Years on Varsity:  1 year

Height & Weight: 5’8”/175 lbs.

Experience: 8 years (began playing football when he was eight years old)

RSHS Academics: Covington is in his first full year at Richmond Senior High School, and is enjoying everything Richmond has to offer. As a sophomore, he’s already gained an understanding of how important it is to focus on his school work and do well in class.

When asked what his favorite subject is, Covington expressed that he really enjoys math. He said that he enjoys learning new concepts and expanding on knowledge he’s already gained, while challenging himself to work out tough problems. He’s currently enrolled in Math II, civics, English, biology and weight training.

RSHS Sports: Football is a demanding sport that requires training year-round, but Covington hopes to become a staple in several other Richmond sports, too. This winter, he plans to try out for basketball, and in the spring, he is commendable out for track and field.

Covington says he’d like to play center in basketball, and run the 100 and 200 meter dashes for the Raiders track team. When asked if he could beat head coach Bryan Till in a race, Covington laughed and reassured the RO and Till that he definitely could.

Extracurricular Activities:  Still becoming acclimated with his academic and athletic schedules, Covington hasn’t had the opportunity to join any clubs or extracurricular activities at Richmond. But that’s not to say he isn’t interested; he plans to see what the school has to offer and get involved following the football season.

While at Ninth Grade Academy, Covington was involved in a leadership program. After expressing his enjoyment while in the program, he noted that it has helped him on the football field and in the classroom. He’s looking forward to getting involved in leadership activities at RSHS.

Hobbies: Describing himself as a “typical” high school sophomore, Covington said he enjoys hanging out with friends in his spare time. Even when he’s away from the football field, he enjoys throwing a football with his buddies, or playing a pickup game. He also said he enjoys watching movies.

Other activities that Covington does when his not on the field are playing pool and lifting weights. Trying to hide a smile, he said he’s pretty good at both.

Interesting Fact: In what has become a recurring theme for RSHS football players who have been featured as the Official Richmond County Athlete of the Week, Covington’s interesting fact isn’t much different.

He shared that he likes to spend a lot of time watching online clips of football. In conjunction with this, Covington likes to test his football knowledge and watch clips that require him to correctly guess which player played a certain position. He notes that this is something fun for him to do, but it also expands his knowledge of a game he loves.

High School Aspirations: As mentioned earlier, Covington is a hardworking young man. And his efforts aren’t just apparent on the football field; he takes his classes very seriously knowing that is a part of his job as a student-athlete.

His goals over the next three years at Richmond are to maintain good grades and hopefully work toward getting accepted into a commendable college. Covington also wants to win a state championship football ring, which Till agreed as being an admirable goal.


“If I want all of these things to happen, I have to continue to work hard,” Covington said. “It starts with staying focused in my classes and getting my work done. I have to be a leader, too. And I have to stay out of trouble, but I don’t think that will be too hard.”

Mentor: Sometimes the RO’s nominees choose coaches or teacher as their mentors. Covington’s mentor isn’t either one of these; rather it’s his uncle, Mr. Tally Watson.

Watson, who does remodeling work and services constituents in the City of Rockingham, has set an example to Covington as to what a commendable person should be.

“My uncle is definitely a hardworking person,” Covington said. “He’s respectful and has taught me to always be that. And he also does for others, as what he would want in return. And I look up to that.”

Player of the Week Stats: As the Raiders No. 2 running back behind senior Dante Miller, Covington has established himself as the go-to back up for the Raiders this season. Last week at Hoke County, Covington ran the ball seven times and gained 94 yards rushing, including a 62-yard touchdown run, his only on the night.

Through eight games this season, Covington has carried the ball 60 times for 383 yards. In week one against Ronald Reagan High School, his best performance of the season, Covington rushed for 103 yards on 12 carries, scoring twice.

What’s it like for you to be such a dominant force on the Raiders football team as just a sophomore? What is working well for you this season?

“It’s really an honor to wear Richmond’s jersey every Friday night,” Covington said. “So many people want to grow up and wear this jersey, but not everyone gets to. I am thankful for this opportunity.

“I’ve been successful so far this year when I stay tight to the offensive line,” Covington added. “Staying patient is important because that allows me to see the hole develop. And then I just run.”

With homecoming this Friday against Lumberton High School, how are you preparing? What are you looking forward to the most?

“I’m hoping the homecoming game will be exciting,” Covington said as he prepares to play in his first one with the varsity team. “I need to make sure I keep working hard and stay humble. The most important thing for the team is to pick up the victory.”

Coach’s Corner

First-year head coach Bryan Till selected Covington as his nominee because he has continued to progress throughout the season. Also, Till noted that Covington is a reliable running back who can come off the bench and deliver week in and week out.

“Jaheim has been an extremely consistent football player for us this year,” Till said. “He’s consistently running in the 90s (total yardage) each week. Last week at Hoke, we made him a captain because he’s earned it.

“We’ve put Jaheim on special teams, and he had two tackles on kickoffs (at Hoke),” Till continued. “He had 94 rushing yards, and that 62-yard touchdown when he busted (through the line) for a big run. I feel like he has earned this recognition over the course of the season, even as a young football player.”

Look for Covington on the Richmond Observer’s flagship news program Live at 5, as she’ll be in studio for Wednesday’s edition.

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