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“MATTer of Opinion” Sports Column: Eagles Soaring into Playoffs


Thanksgiving is coming up Thursday and if there’s one thing that goes along with the holiday as much as turkey, it’s watching football. At least in my household, and that’s because I’m a Redskins fan. They’re usually one of the teams that plays on Thanksgiving, along with the Packers, Lions and the Cowboys.

But that’s something I figured I’d touch on this week. The fact that the Cowboys are 5-5 and the Redskins are 4-6. And way up at the top of the NFC East at 9-1 is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now there’s some other divisions that are possibly already sewn up (looking at you Patriots and Steelers), but no one has a larger lead on their division than the Eagles. The Redskins have already lost twice to Philly, and after losing another heartbreaker Sunday to the Saints, as well as their number one running back Chris Thompson, their season is basically shot.

And let’s not forget the whipping that Dallas took Sunday night to those same Eagles 37-9, albeit without Ezekiel Elliott. And it seems to me that without Zeke, the Cowboys are just as cooked as the Redskins. In Dak Prescott’s last 23 drives without Elliott, Dallas has accounted for just one touchdown to go with six turnovers and 12 sacks.

Not to mention on top of all that, owner Jerry Jones has decided to pick a fight with not only commissioner Roger Goodell, but in essence, all the other NFL owners. Pretty sure that’s going to be a distraction.

My point is, Philly fans can already start buying playoff tickets and can probably even wait until the second round due to the bye they’re going to receive. But, and that’s a huge but, let’s see how Carson Wentz does come January when the season is on the line. It’s a big step up from North Dakota State University to potentially playing in a Super Bowl.

TRIVIA TIME: Who played in the first ever Thanksgiving NFL game? And for bonus points, what year was it held?


Some folks might not like me writing about the local competition, especially a player who has more or less shredded Richmond’s defense for the last four years, but I read Monday that the number-one running back in the nation and Scotland’s Zamir White tore his ACL Friday night during Scotland’s playoff game and will now require surgery.

White was on Division I radars practically since he was a freshman, and at 6-1, 220 pounds, it’s no wonder that top programs such as Alabama, LSU and Florida State were all recruiting him. But he chose to become a Georgia Bulldog instead and follow in the footsteps of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel in the backfield.


Unfortunately, he`s probably going to have to redshirt his freshman season, which is a shame because even though he was from Richmond’s rival, it would’ve been cool to see another neighbor possibly make it big.

And that’s not to say that he still won’t. Tearing your ACL in football is not the career-ender it used to be. 

White ends the season with 2,085 yards on 148 carries (14.1 yards per carry), 34 rushing touchdowns and 38 total scores. For his career, he had 7,168 yards on 738 carries (9.7 yards per carry), 119 rushing TDs and 127 scores in all. 

He finishes fifth all-time in North Carolina in total touchdowns and ninth all-time in rushing yardage.

From a Raider to a Fighting Scot, I say good luck to White and hope for a speedy recovery.

Happy Thanksgiving!

TRIVIA ANSWER: The Detroit Lions hosted the Chicago Bears on the very first Thanksgiving NFL game in 1934.

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