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“MATTer of Opinion” Sports Column: Injuries Plague NFL Quarterback and UNC Basketball Star

The RO's sports columnist Matt Harrelson.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, or you’re not a football fan, you know by now that Houston Texans rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson tore his ACL during practice last Thursday and is now out for the rest of the year.

Now, I’ve never been a Clemson fan or a Houston Texans fan for that matter, but everything I’ve seen on TV or read about him, tells me he’s not only a great player, but a great human being. Which is why myself, like many others, hated the fact that he was injured. And not even during a game.

Watson has always been a competitor; in the NFL, in college, in high school in Georgia, and I`m sure in whatever little league he played in as a kid. But he had to be that way because his upbringing was not the best. That’s why he does so much with Habitat For Humanity building houses, because at some point in his childhood, a group of people did the same for him.

I think it’s safe to say that Watson was well on his way to becoming the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year with 19 throwing touchdowns to go along with another two rushing scores. Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs was the front runner early on, but once Texans head coach Bill O’Brien benched Tom Savage and replaced him with Watson, Houston had been almost impossible to stop.

Now, of course, they didn’t win many games with Watson under center, but that can be put on the defense’s shoulders with JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus out for the year, as well.

Regardless, I hate that Watson’s first year is going to be cut short, but that same fire I mentioned earlier will be the same reason why we’ll see him back under center sooner rather than later. Doctors say 10 months; I give it eight.

TRIVIA TIME: While at Clemson University Watson wore number four on his jersey, which was previously retired after being worn by what other quarterback? Answer below.


I know that Joel Berry II broke his hand before Halloween when he decided to punch a door after losing a video game and got it caught in the door frame, but with the Tar Heels tipping off Friday against Northern Iowa, I figured I would put my two cents in.


My two cents? It was stupid and reckless. And it won’t make any difference.

People may remember that another top guard, Marcus Paige, broke his hand right before the season was to start in 2015, and UNC made it all to the way to national championship. I even remember saying at the time that as long as the injury didn’t linger throughout the year, then it wouldn’t be a factor.

I feel the same way about Berry’s injury. Should he be punching walls – or anything for that matter? No, but if Roy Williams isn’t mad at him for doing it, then neither am I. 

As long as it doesn’t become an issue later on, like when the Heels actually get into ACC play, then Carolina fans shouldn’t fret. A lot of talent is gone, but this team has depth and will be able to score, especially when Berry returns and can distribute the ball. 

And look on the bright side, football season is almost over there.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Former Clemson quarterback Steve Fuller had his number four jersey retired, but allowed the number to come out of retirement to be worn by Watson.

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