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VIDEO: Remembering Coach Jason Norton, Part II

ROCKINGHAM — Continuing a special three-part video series remembering Jason Norton, our second installment features three former Richmond kickers, a high school teammate and college opponent and a former Raider head coach.

Joining ROSports in front of the camera this time are Bennie Howard, Patrick Chappell, Wesley Jackson and Dr. Allen Adeimy and Chad Suggs team up to do a tribute video together. 

Howard coached Norton during the 1988 and 1989 soccer seasons, and later became colleagues with him when “Biggie” returned to Richmond to teach in D-Pod. Chappell shared the field with Norton as teammates in the 1989 state championship, and then played against him in college for four years.

Jackson, who was a kicker in the late 90s, recalls watching Norton as a high school football player and remembers the impact he had on his development as a player and person. Adeimy and Suggs, who also both kicked at Richmond, share childhood and high school memories and talk about the influence Norton had on others.

Click the name of each person to watch his tribute video.

VIDEO: Bennie Howard

Bennie Howard, who was the head soccer coach for 30 years at Richmond, coached Norton for two seasons in the late 1980s. He tells a couple of memorable stories about Norton as a soccer player, and shares his thoughts on his recent passing.

VIDEO: Patrick Chappell


Patrick Chappell was t-ball teammates with Norton in 1976, and played athletics with him all the way through Richmond, and eventually played against him in college. Chappell takes some time to reflect on all the years they spent together and remembers some of his friend’s best qualities.

VIDEO: Wesley Jackson

Wesley Jackson, like Jay Jones in Monday’s feature, first remembers watching Norton play football for the Raiders during the powerhouse years of the late 80s. When he got to high school, Coach Norton played a large role in his success as a kicker for Richmond.

VIDEO: Dr. Allen Adeimy and Chad Suggs

Dr. Allen Adeimy and Chad Suggs sit down together and remember their years at Richmond and working with Norton as kickers for the Raiders. Both share some heartwarming stories and tell about the kind of person Norton was to everyone all the time.

The third part of this special video series will be published in Wednesday’s edition.

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