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Wednesday, 25 November 2020 18:51

Local COVID cases, statewide hospitalizations increase

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ROCKINGHAM — Two dozen new COVID-19 cases were reported in Richmond County Wednesday as statewide hospitalizations broke 1,800.

ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County Board of Commissioners during an emergency meeting on Wednesday approved Justin Dawkins’ appointment to fill the seat recently vacated by Ben Moss.

ROCKINGHAM — For only the second reporting day this month, Richmond County had fewer than 10 new cases of COVID-19.

RALEIGH — The bipartisan State Board of Elections on Tuesday voted to certify nearly all contests in the 2020 general election, including the presidential contest.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020 10:10

Road closures suspended for the holiday weekend

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RALEIGH – Though traffic is expected to be lighter than usual for the Thanksgiving holiday due to COVID-19, the N.C. Department of Transportation wants to assist drivers who are traveling by suspending most construction activity along its major highways.

ROCKINGHAM — Local Republicans have picked their choice to fill the seat on the Richmond County Board of Commissioners recently vacated by Ben Moss.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020 09:17

Richmond County announces 39th COVID-related death

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ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County Health Department reported Tuesday morning that another resident has passed away with the coronavirus.

Monday, 23 November 2020 17:42

Grooms wins recount; Legrand picks up 1 extra vote

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ROCKINGHAM — Following a long day at the Richmond County Board of Elections, Andy Grooms won a recount in the race for the Board of Commissioners.

ROCKINGHAM — Gov. Roy Cooper on Monday announced tighter restrictions on his mask-wearing mandate from earlier in the year.

ROCKINGHAM — Paraphrasing the 26th president of the United States, Ben Moss on Monday resigned from the Richmond County Board of Commissioners.

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