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RALEIGH — On August 26, Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper proposed a $25 billion General Fund budget to expand Medicaid, increase unemployment benefits, give teachers higher bonuses, and cut funding to Opportunity Scholarships.

Laura slammed into the coast of Louisiana near the town of Cameron early Thursday as a Category 4 hurricane unleashing catastrophic storm surge and punishing winds. The monstrous storm, which packed maximum sustained winds of 150 mph as it barreled ashore, is one of the strongest to ever strike Louisiana in recorded history.

ROCKINGHAM — The COVID-related death toll has now risen to double digits.

CARY — United Way of North Carolina and the Cybercrime Support Network announce the launch of North Carolina’s first cybercrime support and recovery hotline.

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s public schools and universities are asking the General Assembly for millions more to deal with COVID-19 challenges.

ROCKINGHAM — Police recently charged a man for allegedly having more than a dozen types of drugs, including prescription pills, meth and cocaine.

HAMLET — Two men are facing charges after they allegedly broke into a group home late last week and attacked an employee.

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services today released a Partner COVID-19 Testing Toolkit designed for organizations seeking to host community testing events. The comprehensive toolkit comes in response to widespread interest among North Carolina organizations such as community-based organizations, churches and nonprofits.

RALEIGH — University of North Carolina leaders, students, and faculty are blaming each other for the growing number of COVID-19 cases on campuses.

ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County Health Department has reported a record-high number hospitalizations related to the coronavirus.

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