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Rockingham, Hamlet enter agreement with county

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Rockingham, Hamlet enter agreement with county Pixabay

ROCKINGHAM — The City Council on Tuesday voted to enter into a tolling agreement along with the City of Hamlet and Richmond County. 

According to Mayor Steve Morris, the agreement gives the two municipalities and the county six months to come to an agreement without going to court. 

The agreement is the latest development in the saga that pits local  municipalities against the county government that started last year when the Board of Commissioners made changes to the distribution of sales tax.

That move is estimated to bring the county’s municipalities into financial hardship, even insolvency for the smaller communities like Norman. 

It also prompted legal action from Rockingham and Hamlet.

Monty Crump, Rockingham’s city manager, said the legal action is based on an alleged breach of contract regarding the 911 Center, which county officials cited as part of the reason for the sales tax switch.

According to the interlocal agreement signed in February of 2015, the center is supposed to be self-sufficient, “financed by 911 fees, grants, and funds provided by the county” and the county will not charge the city for taking over the call-taking and dispatch functions.


Hinson Lake is slated to host two upcoming events as the COVID-19 pandemic starts to wane.

After being canceled last year, the Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Classic is set to return, with endurance runners pushing themselves to see how many laps they can make around the lake in a full day.

The race is slated for the last weekend in September and, according to the website, is already full although registration doesn’t officially end until July.

There is also a disc golf tournament scheduled for Oct. 24 at the lake’s course.

Plaza Jam and recreational sports are set for new seasons this year.

Crump informed the Council that all bands are booked for Plaza Jam. However, he noted that current outdoor events are limited to 100 individuals. 

Crump pleaded with the community to “help us open this up, plaza jam and recreation ball, by getting vaccinated, the more people that get vaccinated the less likely we are to spread the COVID ... Everyone needs to do their part.”

The City Council will hold a public hearing next month to change zoning of a plot of land adjacent to and owned by Hudson Paving from Residential Mill Village to light industrial. Hudson Paving has asked the city to make these zoning changes in order to expand their business. 

Morris made a proclamation recognizing May 3-9 as Municipal Clerk Week in appreciation of Rockingham City Clerk Sabrina McDonald. 


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