Tuesday, 29 June 2021 15:43

K2 Solutions to take over Richmond County Animal Shelter

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K2 Solutions to take over Richmond County Animal Shelter RO file photo

ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County government is getting out of the animal shelter business.

The Board of Commissioners on Tuesday voted to approve a three-year contract with K2 Solutions for management of the Richmond County Animal Shelter — which has been run by the county since 2013 — starting July 1.

K2 Solutions has operated a 125-acre canine training facility in Jackson Springs for the past decade, teaching dogs (and handlers) to locate explosives, narcotics and serve other security functions.

“We are extremely fortunate to partner with one of our own, an organization here within our  borders,” County Manager Bryan Land said in a statement. They possess the expertise and proven success of operating a top-notch business providing care and training to animals.”

Land continued, saying that the current commissioners, management team at K2 “all recognize the level of past effort and commitment by county staff, elected officials, and our citizens to the successful  operation of the Animal Shelter.”

“We are forever thankful to all involved for their tireless dedication,” Land said. “The partnership with K2 Solutions provides new resources and expertise to continue to build on past accomplishments and create new opportunities for all involved.”

According to the contract, K2 will lease the current shelter for $1 per year from the county and the shelter will be available for any of the company’s business.

In addition to overseeing operations, K2 will “use reasonable efforts to coordinate and integrate services with the ... various volunteer agencies that assist in providing Animal Control and Adoption Services. K2 has the right to select the agencies, groups and individuals it chooses to partner with to provide animal related services,” according to the contract. 

Each month, the county will pay K2 $30,973.48 for pay and benefits, $3,833.33 for veterinarian services and supplies, and $1,500 for food.

The county will be responsible for all utilities and any repairs to the shelter, as well as reimbursement for the spay and neuter program.

A 3% escalation rate will be added yearly to all firm fixed price items to compensate for the need for cost-of-living adjustments and normal yearly inflation amounts,” part of the contract reads.

Costs were worked into the upcoming fiscal year’s budget, although no agreement had yet been signed.

According to the contract, K2 submitted a proposal on May 19.

Local animal activists have been calling for changes at the shelter for the past two years, especially following two citations following state investigations.

“We envision a bright future for Animal Services in Richmond County as K2 continues the mission to provide a destination for the stray and unwanted animals in our community and to facilitate their placement into desirable homes,” Land concluded. “We encourage our citizens to support K2 Solutions through  continued donations and through volunteer service as made possible by K2 Solutions, Inc.”

NOTE: Contract is attached.