Tuesday, 13 February 2018 10:14

ELECTION COVERAGE: State Representative Ken Goodman Officially Files for Re-Election for State House Seat

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ROCKINGHAM – Rockingham businessman Ken Goodman (D-Richmond, Montgomery and Stanly Counties) filed for re-election to the North Carolina House of Representatives yesterday.  Rep. Goodman is seeking his fifth term to the State Legislature.

Rep. Goodman, a businessman and retired retail merchant, said if re-elected he will continue to focus on investing in our public schools, community colleges and university system.  “Our economic success depends on a strong and vital public education system,” said Rep. Goodman.  “Our economy in North Carolina is continuing to evolve and change.  We must make sure that our local school systems have the resources to prepare our students for a 21st century economy.”

Rep. Goodman also noted he will continue his work on rural economic development.  “As our state grows, we are seeing two North Carolina’s develop.  Wealthy and growing metropolitan areas like Charlotte and Raleigh while rural North Carolina continues to struggle with new job growth and economic opportunities.  Our schools can help play a vital role in equalizing that growing gap.  We must also have specific strategies to help rural communities compete for new jobs and commerce.”

According to a statement released by his campaign, Rep. Goodman has been a "strong advocate for expanding high-speed internet through broadband service into rural North Carolina and has supported equalizing sales tax revenue distributions to help rural counties."  The campaign also noted he has "led successful efforts to fund additional training equipment for our local community college campuses."

“As former chairman of the Richmond County Board of Education, I know the needs are great in our public schools.  I will be an advocate and champion for our classroom teachers and principals – working to make sure they can provide our next generation with the skills they will need to be productive and successful citizens,” added Rep. Goodman.

Rep. Goodman said he will also continue his work in the State Legislature on infrastructure investments for new highways, roadways, water & sewer projects and installation of broadband, high-speed internet service in rural North Carolina.  “We must invest in our local communities.  If we want a stronger economy, we must have systems in place that foster economic growth and development,” said Rep. Goodman.