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Feature Series- Michelle Lexo for NC Senate

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Michelle Lexo, Mayor of Whispering Pines and Candidate for NC Senate District 25                                  Michelle Lexo, Mayor of Whispering Pines and Candidate for NC Senate District 25 Photo by Chuck Thames

ROCKINGHAM- Michelle Lexo is the mayor of Whispering Pines and is now running for the NC Senate for District 25. She will face Senator Tom McInnis in the Republican primary in May and the winner of that race will then face Helen Probst Mills (D) from Moore County in the November election this year.

Lexo says she grew up a military brat.  Her dad was in the Navy for 21 years and they moved every two years, all across the United States as well as overseas.  Her parents come from families of hard workers.  Her dad grew up on a dairy farm in Michigan while her mom grew up in post-war Germany. 

Lexo said, “My parents raised my brother and I with very strict family values: hard work, honesty and duty to country.” 

Lexo’s background is in healthcare.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and is a registered tech in X-ray and MRI. Both of her children chose to pursue careers in healthcare as well.  Lexo has been on the council in Whispering Pines for five years and has been mayor for the past three years.  

She noted that she and her husband Jim have been very active in the Republican Party since moving to North Carolina.  She is the chair of her local precinct and sits on district and state GOP executive committees. Lexo has served on many boards and committees including Transportation; School Board Key Communicators; First Health Quality Committee; and vice-chair of Social Services.

“I believe smaller government is better,” said Lexo.  Also among her core beliefs are a passion for public safety and strong constitutional principles related to the second amendment. 

“Funding for education and funding for public safety are my top priorities,” commented Lexo.  

Lexo realizes that each county in the 25th district is unique but believes there are things that they all have in common as well.  Lexo said “I think education is critical.” She noted that she would like to see the tier system go away. The state legislature believes the tier system should go away but it’s not being addressed, according to Lexo.  “I think we need to fund the county’s priorities, not Raleigh’s priorities,” Lexo stated. Economic development and job creation are where Lexo would focus. 

Lexo wrapped up by saying, “I believe in localism; I think decisions should be made at the lowest level of government possible; I think that’s good conservative common sense.”  

The Observer will be publishing feature articles on each candidate’s speeches from Saturday’s Richmond County Republican Convention in the coming days as well as continue to bring you updates on the 2018 election campaigns. 


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