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Feature Series: Tom McInnis for Re-election to NC Senate

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Senator Tom McInnis Senator Tom McInnis Photo by Chuck Thames

ROCKINGHAM- Senator Tom McInnis is running for his third term as a North Carolina Senator. McInnis, along with other Republican candidates running for office, recently had the opportunity to address Republicans at the local convention in Rockingham.

Tom McInnis, who is running against Moore County Republican Michelle Lexo in the Republican primary in May, is no newcomer to politics.  He is running for his third term in the North Carolina Senate.  In his speech he noted he has been a small business owner for 46 years and is a “proven leader with strong seniority in the state senate.” McInnis said, “I bring bold and decisive leadership to every position I hold.” 

According to McInnis, he is a highly effective legislator with many pieces of legislation being created and passed that directly benefited rural North Carolina.  Because, as he said, “That’s where our heart is.”  McInnis added, “I voted to cut or eliminate income tax on nearly every taxpayer in our State.” 

“I’m a strong vote-getter,” said McInnis.  “In the 2016 election when our president, Donald Trump, carried the mail for us across this great country, in Richmond, Scotland and Anson Counties, he lost.  Governor McCrory also lost in those counties, but I won in those three counties.”  

McInnis noted several political endorsements which included Civitas Action, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that annually rates legislators votes based on their level of conservatism.  They rated McInnis in 2017 at a 90.9%.  

McInnis pointed out additional support from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and adamantly stated, “One of my most proud endorsements and rating is the National Rifle Association where I have an A rating.  I am a life member (of the NRA) and I don’t apologize for supporting the Second Amendment.”  

“I’m pro-business, pro-job, pro-education, pro-prosperity and I’m pro-life, and I don’t apologize for that either,” McInnis continued. 

He wrapped up his comments saying, “I need your votes, I need your prayers; I need you to work to make sure we not only get our Republicans to the poll but our Independents to the poll as well.” 

Editor’s note: The Observer will continue publishing feature articles on each candidate’s speeches from the March Richmond County Republican Convention in the coming days as well as continue to bring you updates on the 2018 election campaigns. 

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