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Feature Series: Clarence Goins for US 9th Congressional District

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Clarence Goins, Republican Candidate for Congress Clarence Goins, Republican Candidate for Congress Photo by Chuck Thames

ROCKINGHAM- Clarence Goins from Cumberland County recently spoke to local Republicans at the 2018 Richmond County Republican Convention.

Goins, age 38, is from Cumberland County and calls himself “The new candidate on the block.”  While speaking to the assembly of local Republicans, Goins noted that both of his grandparents were farmers.  His father’s family came from Moore County and was in the turpentine business while his mother’s family was from Sampson County. 

Goins gave credit for his knowledge of business and work ethic to his father, who built a business in masonry.  According to Goins, “He’s bricked half of Fayetteville.”  As a child, Goins said he spent much time on job sites with his father, where he was able to learn how business and trade works.  “I attribute things I’ve learned in business and what it takes to be successful in my banking career to my father.” 

On the issues, Goins began by saying. “Congress is as broken as it ever has been.”  He believes the country’s identity has been clouded by liberal actions of both Democrats and some of the Republicans that have been elected.

Goins discussed the issues around immigration and noted that illegal immigrants are considered, in many cases, the same as immigrants who have followed the legal process for entry into our country.  He noted that illegal immigrants are eligible for work and compete with American citizens, illegal immigrants are educated by tax payer dollars and in some cases disrespect the law and don’t adhere to the laws.   Goins stated, “In the 1980’s we granted 3.2 million illegal immigrants citizenship and now we’re discussing granting 1.8 million illegals citizenship; that does not sound like conservatism to me.”

Speaking on the second amendment, Goins noted that the Republicans we put in office seem to be limiting our rights to bear arms.  He said, “Seems like our leaders are willing to negotiate American citizens’ right to gun ownership.”

Goins commented on business, “The National economy seems to be headed in the right direction but there’s still much work to do”.  Richmond County, he said, is at almost a 25% poverty level and that is “a big big issue”.  According to Goins, we need politicians who have our best interests in mind.

 Goins spoke of his own personal difficult dealings with FEMA during the loss of his house/business in Fayetteville during Hurricane Matthew and finished up saying, “No I’m not a politician, but I have been a taxpayer, I have experienced loss and I have experienced what this great country can be, but I’ve also experienced what politicians can turn this country into.”


 Editor’s note: The Observer is publishing a series of  feature articles on each candidate’s speeches from the March  Richmond County Republican Convention and will continue to bring you updates on the 2018 election campaigns. 

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