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Richmond County Resident Still Having Water Issues in Cordova

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Garment Ostensibly Discolored Due to Poor Water Quality Garment Ostensibly Discolored Due to Poor Water Quality Photo by Harold Dawkins

CORDOVA - After nearly two years, the same water problems keep popping up over and over again for Archie Chavis of the Cordova Community.

Chavis, who is on the county water system, has been having the discolored water problems at different times at his Ledbetter Street residence since 2016.

He states, “You never know when it’s going to occur. Our clothes are ruined every time the water becomes discolored are stained.”

Chavis no longer attempts to wash white clothes. His daughter’s dress in the picture accompanying this article was the last white item that they have attempted to wash. After three cycles -and one being with Clorox bleach - the dress is still covered with brown stains.

He says he has heard every excuse and been passed from one department to another. “I just want my water clear. I pay my water bill on time each month,” Chavis stated. “After the two years of being passed from different departments it seems that nobody cares what my water looks like.” 

When he asked what could be done about his family’s stained clothes, he was told it was ‘not their responsibility’.

Chavis also stated that there are a number of others on county water who have the same problem he has.

Chavis says he has tried every means of trying to get a reasonable answer to the cause from the County.

“All I want is my clear water back,” stated Chavis.

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