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Feature Series- JL McCullers for Board of Education

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J.L. McCullers, Candidate for Richmond County Board of Education J.L. McCullers, Candidate for Richmond County Board of Education Photo by Chuck Thames

ROCKINGHAM-  J.L. McCullers, with his deep, commanding voice, began his speech by saying, “It would be a disservice to use a microphone. It would hurt you all’s ears.”

For 35 years, J.L. (Reverend) McCullers worked in the North Carolina prison system. McCullers said, “I’ve seen individuals with only an 8th grade education make some historical mistakes in their life.” 

As he turned to the backdrop of the stage, which included key life values. McCullers said, “I’m here for what you have been seeing all morning.  Service, service is what I do, service is what I’ve always done.” 

McCullers then proceeded to go through each of the values displayed on the wall at the back of the stage. 

Humility- “Our kids need to have humility.  There’s always someone greater.  Always give honor to whom honor is due,” McCullers commented. 

Cooperation- “The school board must have cooperation. We all must work together to make Richmond County Schools not just a school, but the best school.”

Charity- McCullers noted that being able to share is very important. “Every young person needs to be focused.” according to McCullers. He noted that too many kids today are being bullied. “They are having many social issues.” McCullers advocates a return to character education where kids would be taught the proper graces. He suggested that it should be mandatory for grades 1-12. 

Honesty- “One must tell the truth, even if it hurts,” said McCullers. “Decisions are made based on the truth.” 

Justice- McCullers commented, “Every child has a right to be heard, to be recognized, and not to be pushed aside.” He pointed out that some of the best ideas come from great minds that are “just thinking outside the box.”

Responsibility- According to McCullers, “It is every candidate’s responsibility to be the best for Richmond County, not just say you are, but to actually put the county first.”

McCullers ended his speech with words of wisdom from the Bible. He said, “The bible says seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and everything else will be added unto us.  God loves you.”


The Richmond Observer will continue to feature stories on the speeches given by candidates at the Richmond County Democratic Convention in the coming days.  

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