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Animal Shelter: Fact vs. Fiction

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Puppies Awaiting Adoption Puppies Awaiting Adoption Image courtesy of Richmond County Animal Shelter

ROCKINGHAM - § 19A-32.1. Minimum holding period for animals in animal shelters: public viewing of animal’s shelters; disposition of animals.

The shelter is a place where animals go when people don’t want their animals anymore. When they’ve allowed them to become pregnant, or they become too old, or sick, they grow up out of kitten and puppyhood, they realize they shed, cats and dogs require attention and they don’t want to give it, when they are found wandering the streets and are picked up by animal control, and the list of reasons go on and on, and their animals end up at the shelter.

Well, the shelter is run by the county and therefore, must obey the laws and stipulations laid out by the county, which it does. There are also state laws and requirements that must be adhered to and the shelter also follows those.

There is often confusion about what happens when animals first arrive at the shelter. There is an initial 72 hour hold where an animal is observed, time is given for a possible owner of the animal to inquire of its whereabouts, and they may come to look for their missing animal, but it is not available to the general public during this time period.

After the 72-hour hold, if the animal is deemed healthy and safe, it can be put up for adoption. If an animal is involved in a criminal case it is not available to the public until released by the courts. If an animal has bitten someone, the animal is not put up for adoption until the animal is deemed safe and the right home is found.

The shelter is only required to post photographs of animals that are available for adoption in the shelter. This is done for every animal, but only when volunteers are available. Photos are posted online via Facebook and via Humane Society Facebook. 

This information can be found on the Internet: – Animal welfare Division

Editor's note:  This article was contributed by Robin Hewitt, a new addition to the talented team of writers at the Richmond Observer. 

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