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Closing Ceremony for Senior Games Held at Hamlet Center

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Senior Games Closing Ceremony Participants Enjoy Meal Senior Games Closing Ceremony Participants Enjoy Meal Photo by Pam Simmons

HAMLET - The 2018 Senior Games of Richmond County held its closing ceremonies at the Hamlet Senior Center on the evening of Monday, April 30 after two weeks of a variety of sports, board games, art, stage performances, and delicious meals and healthy snacks. 

Activities were held throughout the county, utilizing facilities at the Hamlet Senior Center, East Rockingham Senior Center, Ellerbe Senior Center, Memorial Park in Hamlet, and Browder Park and Striker’s Bowling Center in Rockingham. 

Competitions were also scheduled at the Marlboro Country Club in Bennettsville, SC and at UNC-Pembroke, but results were not available at press time. 

Richmond Community College hosted the opening ceremony on April 16 as well as the SilverArts on April 23. More than 200 seniors participated in the events. 

Awards were given for first, second, and third place competitors. 

There were also separate categories for the age ranges of 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, and 85-89. 

Categories and winners by age group are as follows: 


Women’s Basketball Shooting-      60-64      1st--Carolyn Capel        2nd-Pamela Young     3rd-Terry Mercer

                                                  65-69    1st--Azalea Bolton         2nd-Ethel Alred

                                                  70-74    1st- Ida Malloy              2nd-Mildred Dickson


Men’s Basketball Shooting             60-64     1st-Bobby Bennett

                                                  65-69     1st-James Herndon       2nd-Michael Deese      3rd- Arallen Jones

                                                  75-79     1st- Therion Robinson

                                                  85-89     1st- Ronald Adrianse     2nd- Elijah Gales


Women’s Pickleball                       65-69     1st- Diane Deese          2nd- Carol Lawson

Men’s Pickleball                            65-69     1st- Michael Deese       2nd- Boykin Stewart

                                                  75-79   1st- James Moore           2nd- Jerry Nelson


Women’s Bocce                            50-54     1st- Ann Cole

                                                  55-59     1st- Cynthia Belton

                                                  60-64     1st- Terry Mercer         2nd- Pamela Young          3rd- Carolyn Capel

                                                  65-69      1st- Lucia Muse           2nd- Elaine Layton           3rd- Laila Kurtz

                                                  70 -74       1st- Clara Williams      2nd- Mildred Dickson       3rd- Margie Jones 

                                                  75-79      1st- Charlie Shull         2nd- Millie Wright-Hailey   3rd- Carrie Hinson  

                                                  80-84       1st- Nezzie Crowder

                                                  85 -89       1st- Odessa Brown     2nd- Rose McHugh        3rd- Odelia Wall


Men’s Bocce                                 65-69      1st – Larry Deese

                                                  70-74      1st- James Robinson    2nd- Gerald Sellers

                                                  75-79      1st- Jerry Nelson          2nd- Therion Robinson

                                                  80-84      1st- Leroy Crowder

                                                  85-89      1st- Ronald Adrianse


  Women’s Bowling                       60-64      1st- Kathy Bristow

                                                  65-69      1st- Ethel Allred

                                                  70-74      1st- Hazel Haygood      2nd- Mary Coble

                                                                3rd- Mildred Dickson

                                                 75-79       1st- Hazel Smith

                                                 80-84       1st- Nezzie Crowder


Men’s Bowling                             60-64       1st- Lawrence Bristow

                                                 70-74       1st- Robert Ingram       2nd- Neil Haygood     3rd- Raymond Collins

                                                75-79        1st- Clifton Broady        2nd- Tom Fletcher     3rd- John Harrington


                                                80-84       1st- Wayne Thomas       2nd- Leroy Crowder

                                                85-89       1st- Ronald Adrianse

                                                90-94       1st- Roy Duffy


Women’s Shuffleboard                55-59        1st- Cynthia Belton

                                                60-64        1st- Terry Mercer           2nd- Carolyn Capel     3rd- Connie Covington

                                                65-69        1st- Pete Wheeler          2nd Lucia Muse          3rd- Ann Steen

                                                70-74        1st- Carol Nicholson       2nd- Verline Terry      3rd- Clara Williams

                                                75-79        1st- Carrie Hinson          2nd- Virginia Pratt

                                                80-84        1st- Nezzie Crowder

                                                85-89        1st- Odessa Brown


Men’s Shuffleboard                     60-64        1st- Jimmy Tarlton

                                                65-69        1st- Robert Singletary     2nd- Larry Deese       3rd- Walter Monroe

                                                70-74        1st- Raymond Collins      2nd- James Bolton     3rd- Gerald Sellers

                                                75-79        1st- Therion Robinson    2nd- Jerry Nelson

                                                80-84        1st- Larry Crowder

                                                85-89        1st- Ronald Adrianse      2nd- Elijah Gales


Women’s Table Tennis                70-74        1st- Evelyn Snow   

Men’s Table Tennis                     80-84        1st- Jack Eades 

Women’s Cornhole                     50-54         1st- Ann Cole

                                                55-59        1st- Cynthia Belton

                                                60-64        1st- Barbara McBride      2nd- Carolyn Capel     3rd- Dianne Collins

                                                65-69        1st- Pete Wheeler          2nd- Ann Sheen          3rd- Glenda Speight

                                                70-74        1st- Ida Malloy              2nd- Hazel Haygood     3rd - Vinnie Stroman

                                                75-79         1st- Charlie Shull          2nd- Virginia Pratt        3rd- Carrie Hinson

                                                80-84         1st- Nezzie Crowder

                                                85-89         1st- Odessa Brown        2nd- Rose McHugh


Men’s Cornhole                          60-64         1st- Jimmy Tarlton         2nd- Bobby Bennett

                                               65-69          1st- James Herndon       2nd- Horace Hogan      3rd- Michael Deese

                                               70-74          1st- Neil Haygood          2nd- James Robinson   3rd- Cleveland Terry

                                               75-79          1st- Therion Robinson

                                               80-84          1st- Jack Eades             2nd- Leroy Crowder

                                               85-89          1st- Ronald Adrianse


Women’s Croquet                     50-54            1st- Ann Cole

                                              55-59            1st- Cynthia Belton

                                              60-64            1st – Terry Mercer

                                              65-69            1st- Azalea Bolton         2nd- Susan Sellers       3rd- Pete Wheeler

                                              70-74            1st- Evelyn Snow          2nd- Ida Malloy           3rd- Carol Nicholson

                                              75-79            1st- Millie Wright-Hailey

                                              80-84            1st- Nezzie Crowder

                                              85-89            1st- Rose McHugh


Men’s Croquet                          65-69            1st- Larry Deese

                                              70-74            1st- James Bolton

                                              75-79            1st- Jerry Nelson

                                              80-84            1st- Leroy Crowder

                                              85-89            1st- Ronald Adrianse


Women’s Discus Throw             60-64            1st- Zina Parker

Women’s Shot Put                    60-64            1st- Zina Parker


Women’s Swimming

      50 Yard Freestyle               60-64             1st- Pamela Young

      50 Yard Backstroke            60-64              1st- Pamela Young   

      100 Yard Backstroke          60-64              1st- Pamela Young


Men’s Swimming

     50 Yard Freestyle               65-69               1st- Marvin Taylor Jr.

                                             70-74               1st- Wendell Wells

     50 Yard Backstroke             65-69               1st- Marvin Taylor Jr.

     50 Yard Breaststroke           70-74               1st- Wendell Wells                 

     100 Yard Freestyle              65-69               1st- Marvin Taylor Jr.

     100 Yard Backstroke           65-69               1st- Marvin Taylor Jr.

     100 Yard Breaststroke         70-74               1st- Wendell Wells

     200 Yard Backstroke           65-69               1st- Marvin Taylor Jr.

     200 Yard Freestyle             65-69                1st- Marvin Taylor Jr.



Silver Striders Fun Walk           60-64                Beatriz Barrington, Barbara McBride, Carolyn Capel, Dianne Collins

                                             65-69               Catherine Bethea, Elaine Layton, Lalia Kurtz, Lucia Muse, Marie Hogan

                                             70-74               Evelyn Snow, Vinnie Stroman, Brenda Keith, Ida Malloy, Carol Nicholson, Sarah McMillan, Hazel Robinson


Silver Striders Fun Walk           75-79               Therion Robinson

Women’s Horseshoes              60-64                1st – Carolyn Capel     2nd- Terry Mercer         3rd- Barbara McBride

                                             65-69               1st- Pete Wheeler

                                             70-74               1st- Judy Somers        2nd- Delores Ellerbe      3rd- Geneva Steele

                                             75-79               1st- Virginia Pratt

                                             85-89               1st- Rose McHugh


 Men’s Horseshoes                   60-64               1st- Jimmy Tarlton      2nd- Bobby Bennett

                                             65-69               1st- James Herndon    2nd- Horace Hogan         3rd- Arallen James

                                             70-74               1st- Amos Legrand      2nd- Raymond Collins      3rd- Neil Haygood

                                            75-79                1st- Jerry Nelson        2nd- Therion Robinson     3rd- Clifford Hudson

                                            80-84                1st- Jack Eades

                                            85-89                1st- Ronald Adrianse  

Chair Volleyball   

          First Place: Barbara McBride, Janet Radford, Laura Williams, Frances Williams, Geneva Steele

          Second Place: Mechele Parker, Jeanette Dumas, Carolyn Capel, Alma Baldwin, Nancy Allen

          Third Place: Judy Somers, Linda White, Mary Hill, Dorothy Hight, Carolyn Corder


Board Games / Cards

Aggravation: Edward Wakefall, Frances Williams, Barbara McBride

Checkers: Jack Eades, Robert Singletary, Betty Armstrong

Contract Rummy: Barbara McBride, Carolyn Capel, Daphne Holder


The 2018 State Finals will be held September 17-23 in Cary, Durham, and Raleigh. 

Other tournaments are scheduled for October, such as bocce, softball, golf, and basketball.

Participants in the Richmond County games that placed first, second, or third are eligible to register and compete at the state finals. 

For more information about specific dates, locations, and fees, you can refer to the website

If you register online by July 1, you can save $15.


Editor's note:  This article was contributed by Pam Simmons, a new addition to the talented team of writers at the Richmond Observer. 







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