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Dr. Dale McInnis Updates Commissioners on Richmond Community College

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Dr. Dale McInnis Updates Commissioners on Richmond Community College Dr. Dale McInnis Updates Commissioners on Richmond Community College Photo by Chuck Thames

ROCKINGHAM- The Richmond County Board of Commissioners received an update on Richmond Community College at their regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening. 

Dr. Dale Mcinnis, President of Richmond Community College, began his review by saying the college’s enrollment is growing.  By contrast, many of the colleges in the state are seeing a decline as a result of the economy and the strong job market.  “Thanks to the support and partnerships we’ve had here in the county, we’ve been able to hold our own and remain stable,” McInnis stated. 

McInnis credited part of the enrollment growth to the partnership with Progress Energy developed in 2011 with help from county leadership which eventually led to the creation of the Substation Relay Technology Degree Program.  22 students graduated from that first class and found a very lucrative job market awaiting.  Starting salaries ranged from $60,000 up to $75,000 for these graduates with offers coming from all across the country.  McInnis stated, “This program is still growing with utilities from across the country seeking graduates of this program.” 

According to McInnis, there were a record 404 degrees awarded in 2017 which was twice the number presented in 2010.  Additionally, there were 418 certificates and 51 one year diplomas awarded for a total of 873 curriculum credentials earned in 2017 alone.  

The partnership with the county school system is providing a jump start for many college bound students with 340 from Richmond Senior High taking over 1000 college classes, this netted their families a savings of $246,468.  Additionally, there were 277 early college students enrolled who completed 1,695 classes and saved their families $383,000 total in fees and tuition.  

McInnis discussed the small business center led by Butch Farrah where local business startups can get a great deal of assistance as well as start up support.  

New programs coming include an eight week Electrical Lineman program, daytime Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)  and Pharmacy Tech.   Pre-Pharmacy will also be offered through the college transfer program where McInnis says “this gives us a clean, smooth, easy pathway for someone to get into Wingate’s pharmacy program or Campbell’s pharmacy program.”  

“We’ve got a K-3 teacher program right on campus where if you want you can become a K-3 teacher without leaving Richmond County through our partnership with UNC-P,” noted McInnis.  

On the construction front, RCC has big plans as well.  A cafeteria will be added with NC Connects bond money.  There are also plans to expand the Lee Building to become the Student Services and Career Center.  These projects are expected to begin construction in the spring of 2019.  

McInnis also noted the initial work that has started on the Robinette Building which will house the Levine School of Business and Information Technology in downtown Rockingham. Full construction at the former RW Goodman location is set to begin in September with a 12 month expected completion.  The project is a $12 Million investment and McInnis noted, “This time next year we’ll be talking about the grand opening and we are excited about that.”

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