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Bowtie for Boys Club at Fairview Heights Elementary Plants Crepe Myrtle Tree with RSHS Horticulturalists  

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RSHS teacher Joy Kennedy, RSHS football players Jaheim Covington and Rasheed Patrick meet with the "Bowtie Boys" of Fairview Heights to plant a tree,  RSHS teacher Joy Kennedy, RSHS football players Jaheim Covington and Rasheed Patrick meet with the "Bowtie Boys" of Fairview Heights to plant a tree, Submitted by Pam Simmons

HAMLET - Despite a rainy Wednesday morning, a group of young students at Fairview Heights teamed up with RSHS teacher Joy Kennedy and football players Jaheim Covington and Rasheed Patrick “to make history” by planting a crepe myrtle tree outside the office window.

The boys are in grades two through five and meet on a regular basis with school social worker Evonne Moore to address issues that are prevalent in our school systems today, such as regular attendance, appropriate behavior, displaying responsibility, and developing life skills.

The Bowtie for Boys Club is in its second year at Fairview Heights, and is definitely something that Evonne Moore displays pride in while she speaks about the young men whose lives that this club is affecting. Thirteen students who needed to make improvement in attendance, classroom behavior, focus on work, and completion of homework, to name a few, were chosen by the teachers.  Moore has guest speakers come in for monthly presentations to share their life experiences and words of wisdom with the group. Ms. Moore hopes that these experiences will make positive impacts on the “Bowtie Boys,” helping to guide them to become better citizens and better students. 

The uniforms that are worn by the students, which were donated by Farm Bureau Insurance, consist of crisp white dress shirts and black bow ties. The club members wear their special outfits on the days that they meet with the guest speaker, and exhibit a sense of pride as they stroll the halls of Fairview Heights throughout the day. 

Prior to the planting of the crepe myrtle, Ms. Moore discussed with her group the skills they would be using, such as “becoming better community environmental mind-growers.” They would learn how to take care of and nurture the tree, and it would be a life lesson. 

Horticulture teacher Joy Kennedy was accompanied by her students Jaheim Covington and Rasheed Patrick, and brought a chrysanthemum for social worker Evonne Moore. They also brought green Raider cups and Raider Rags for the students. 

Everyone then headed outside to search for an appropriate spot to plant the crepe myrtle, and the decision was made to plant the tree at the window of the main office. Ms. Kennedy dug through the mulch and then Jaheim Covington dug a deep hole for the tree. Kennedy talked to the boys about the importance of watering the tree and making sure it stayed healthy. 

Returning inside to their meeting place on the auditorium stage, the group discussed what they had learned and planned to do to ensure that the tree remains healthy and well cared for. These young men expressed gratitude for Lowes of Rockingham who donated the crepe myrtle tree and soil to their club at Fairview Heights. They enjoyed a quick snack before returning to their regular classes. 

Ms. Evonne Moore has a deep sense of pride, concern, and compassion for this group of students. She should certainly be commended for seeing this need in the school system and starting this program for these boys. Look forward to lots of good things coming from the Bowties for Boys Club at Fairview Heights Elementary School!



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