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Hamlet Depot's 3rd Annual Ghost Tour

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Third Annual Hamlet Depot Ghost Tour Third Annual Hamlet Depot Ghost Tour Photo by Stephanie Thornsbury

HAMLET - The Ghost Tour of the Hamlet Depot and the surrounding area, led by the Pee Dee Region Paranormal group (PDRP), is officially over and was an "insightful" success.  People came from all over North Carolina to participate in the tours and everyone had a great time.

The tours featured a search for "ghostly spirits" who may be lingering in or around the depot, Tornado building, and the caboose.  Tour participants were taken throughout each space and provided specific history about the structures, artifacts, and Hamlet itself.  Tours lasted approximately 90 minutes, thus allowing sufficient time in each location to discuss (and possibly create) paranormal experiences and learn about the equipment being used by the professional "ghost hunters" of PDRP.

Patrons of the tour interacted with the equipment, from K2 meters to electronic voice phenomena detectors (EVPD).  Opportunities were provided to actually use the EVP recorders to ask questions of the spirits.  The EVP results will be reviewed by Pee Dee Region Paranormal and anything of interest that the team finds will then be emailed to the tour participants. 

Patrons also got to speak to entities via a "Portal Box." The original design for the box belongs to paranormal expert Steve Huff. Huff sent the specifications of the box to the members of Pee Dee Region Paranormal and they were able to build their own. The Portal Box uses frequencies via the Internet to create words and phrases that spirits use to communicate.

One patron, Maria Sharpe, said, “This is the best ghost tour I have ever done! The team used science and provided a lot of information. I also found out a lot of history about Hamlet I just didn’t know.”

The tours will continue to expand and grow as they evolve each year. Tours will add new experiences and information in the hopes that both previous attendees and new participants will continue to come again and again.


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