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Lindsey resigns from Hamlet City Council

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HAMLET — In a concise, one-sentence email to Mayor Bill Bayless, Councilman David Lindsey tendered his resignation Tuesday afternoon.  

The email cited “personal issues” as the reason for the withdrawal from the council.

Lindsey was elected to the municipal board in 2015 and his seat is one of three that will be up for re-election in November, as well as the mayoral seat.

There has only been one other instance in recent history when a council member was replaced. At that time, the council appointed the next-highest vote-getter from the recent election to replace a deceased member.  

Council members aren’t sure at this time whether they will ask for applications from the public for the position or appoint a replacement for Lindsey on their own. 

Consultation with City Attorney T.C. Morphis during the meeting didn’t settle that question as Morphis said it could be done either way.

The Council also appointed three new members to the Hamlet Depot Board — Angie Averitt, Max Brigman and Brian Mitchell — bringing the total number of board members to 15.

Surplus items owned by the city and now up for sale will be listed on a government surplus website. A list of the items was shown at the meeting and can be obtained by contacting City Manager Jonathan Blanton.  Most of the items are equipment and vehicles from various city departments including the water department and the fire department.

According to Bayless, there are a tremendous number of people who owe delinquent taxes to the city — enough to have an impact on a budget the size of Hamlet’s. 

The current amount outstanding is $174,462.62 to be precise. 

The names, addresses and amount owed will be published and Bayless encourages anyone owing taxes to pay them promptly.

Blanton commented during his report to the council that baseball sign-ups will continue at City Hall through March 8, late registration will be the through March 15.


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