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Report: Nearly 5 tons of trash collected from Richmond County roadsides in January

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ROCKINGHAM ― Garbage continues to be a problem across Richmond County, as evidenced by the monthly solid waste report.

Nearly five tons of mostly roadside trash were picked up last month including 219 bags and 26 tires, according to report from Solid Waste Enforcement Officer Allen Hodges.

Sandhill, Stokes and Wiregrass roads were the worst, with county staffers picking up more than 20 bags from each road. Sandhills and Stokes roads also had four tires each.

According to the report, the county picked up 3.4 tons of trash and the state collected 1.5 tons of garbage (mostly tires) in January.

The total number of bags for each road are as follows:

  • Airport Road - 16 
  • Battley Dairy Road - 11
  • Bear Branch Road - 14
  • Church Street - 13
  • County Home Road - 12
  • Freeman Mill Road - 12
  • Hannah Pickett Avenue - 3
  • Harrington Road - 7
  • Hatcher Road - 6
  • Lee Thee Church Road - 6
  • Mill Road - 13
  • Mizpah Road - 16
  • Old Cheraw Road - 7
  • Roslyn Road - 9
  • Sandhills Road - 21
  • Spring Street - 6
  • Stokes Road - 21
  • Wiregrass Road - 26

One individual assigned to community service spent 24 hours in the month picking up trash.

Two illegal dumpsites were reported and investigated, one warning notice was issued and two citations were issued.

In December, the county picked up nearly two tons of trash (including two sofas) and 10 tires from Watkins Loop Road alone.

Earlier this month, Walt Easterling posted a video on his Facebook page of what appears to be an illegal dump site near the industrial park outside Hamlet. The first few seconds of the video show a bathtub, mattress, clothes, furniture and a boat as he drives through on a tractor among other household garbage.

Other Richmond County residents have taken to Facebook to vent about witnessing litterbugs toss their trash on the ground although there was a trashcan nearby.

Last month, Land told the RO that the problem is statewide and not just an issue in Richmond County.

He added that the effort to keep the county clean “needs to be a coordinated effort between citizens, solid waste enforcement, and local law enforcement departments.”


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