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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 07:57

Melvin Family Establishes Scholarship

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Left to right: Dr. Dale McInnis, Jeanette Melvin, Kenny Melvin, Leah Melvin, and Dr. Hal Shuler. Left to right: Dr. Dale McInnis, Jeanette Melvin, Kenny Melvin, Leah Melvin, and Dr. Hal Shuler. Richmond Community College

HAMLET —Kenny and Leah Melvin recently established the Dr. R. Kenneth Melvin Memorial Scholarship in memory of Melvin’s father, who served as the third president of Richmond Community College for eight years.

Those who knew Dr. Melvin, described him as an encouraging and passionate man. Honoring his memory by establishing a scholarship seemed fitting. Melvin and his wife, Leah, also began their education at RichmondCC, and said that they were eager to give back by helping a student obtain their college education.

“Dad would be so proud of what it has become and the lives it’s touched since 1966. So many people came out of the textile mills and the military without any education, and this College allowed them to improve their lives and their families for generations,” he said.

The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student who is currently enrolled for the summer semester. This student must demonstrate academic progress and an exemplary work ethic. Applicants who demonstrate leadership skills and community involvement, will be given special consideration.

“Dr. Melvin played a major role in establishing this institution and its roots in technical education, and he laid the groundwork for what it has become today. In fact, it was under Dr. Melvin’s watch that the college transitioned from a technical institute to a technical college,” Dr. Dale McInnis, RichmondCC president, said. “We are honored to have a scholarship in his name, continuing his legacy of service to this College and the community.”

To contribute to this scholarship or to establish a scholarship, please contact Dr. Hal Shuler.

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