Tuesday, 04 June 2019 15:23

Hamlet Police Chief: Lock your vehicles at night

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HAMLET — Police are encouraging residents to make sure they’re vehicle doors are locked at night following another rash of vehicle break-ins.

Chief Tommy McMasters of the Hamlet Police Department said officers have investigated recent break-ins on Rollins Avenue, Entwistle Street, Rice Street, McDonald Avenue and Stacy Avenue.

“Everybody’s car was unlocked,” he said of the victims.

The suspected thief, who was caught in the act by a security camera, was going around checking doors and taking items left in plain view, including purses and wallets, from those he could open, according to McMasters.

One of the victims had left a gun and wallet in the seat, but, McMasters said, only the wallet was stolen.

The chief drafted a letter, which was delivered door-to-door, urging residents to remember to lock their doors and leave their porch lights on.

The department also posted a public service announcement on its Facebook page May 31 that read:

“To the citizens of Hamlet, please be advised that the Hamlet Police Department is actively and aggressively investigating recent vehicle break-ins in our city. Please remember to lock your car doors and remove all valuables when your vehicle is not in use. Please do not leave your car running unattended. If you notice any suspicious activity, please call 911.”

“Crooks are lazy,” McMasters said. “They’re going to take the path of least resistance every time.”