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Which businesses are 'essential?'

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Which businesses are 'essential?' Pixabay

While state officials encourage companies to have employees work from home, there are several “essential businesses” that are exempt from Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home order, which goes into effect at 5 p.m. Monday.

Those businesses include:

  • Those that meet social distancing requirements
  • Businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions operating in critical infrastructure sectors
  • Healthcare and public health operations
  • Human services operations
  • Essential infrastructure operations
  • Essential government operations
  • Stores that sell groceries and medicine
  • Food and beverage production and agriculture
  • Organizations that provide charitable and social services
  • Religious entities
  • Media
  • Gas stations and businesses needed for transportation.
  • Financial and insurance institutions
  • Home improvement, hardware and supply stores
  • Critical trades (plumbers, electricians, etc.)
  • Mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery and pick-up services
  • Educational institutions
  • Laundry services
  • Restaurants for consumption off-premises
  • Supplies to work from home
  • Supplies for COVID-19 essential businesses and operations
  • Transportation
  • Home-based care and services (for children, elderly, etc.)
  • Residential facilities and shelters
  • Professional services (attorneys, accountants, etc.)
  • Manufacture, distribution and supply chain for critical products and industries
  • Defense and military contractors
  • Hotels and motels
  • Funeral services
  • Additional businesses (electronic retailers; lawn and garden equipment retailers; book stores that sell educational material; beer, wine and liquor stores; retail functions of gas stations and convenience stores; retail located within healthcare facilities; pet and feed stores).

See the order attached to this post for more details on businesses that fall into the aforementioned categories.


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