Thursday, 24 September 2020 15:59

Brewer demands apology from Moss for 'anti-God' comment

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ROCKINGHAM — Rep. Scott Brewer is demanding an apology for being called “anti-God” by his opponent Ben Moss during a fundraiser earlier this week.

Brewer, D-Richmond, cited a Sept. 22 article in the Richmond Observer about a Moss fundraiser in Ellerbe featuring House Majority Leader John Bell, R-Wayne, and candidate for lieutenant governor Mark Robinson.

Moss is running against Brewer for the District 66 seat in the N.C. House of Representatives.

During the event, Moss referenced an attack ad, paid for by the Brewer for NC Committee, that labeled him as “Bad News Ben.”

The ad says that “Bad News Ben will be bad” for Richmond, Montgomery and Stanly counties, and also states that “Ben Moss in the State House will hurt you and your family.”

“I’m ‘bad news’ when it comes to a liberal Democratic opponent that’s pro-abortion, anti-God, anti-law enforcement,” Moss said. “But I promise you I’m not bad news to anybody that’s got the same values and the same dreams for their children and their grandchildren like I do.”

Brewer said in a press release Thursday that it was “shocking” to learn Moss would say that.

“This is beyond the pale of decency and out-of-bounds, even for today’s politics,” Brewer said. “Mr. Moss’ attack on my Christian faith is outrageous, offensive, hurtful to my family, and should never be a part of any political contest.”

He then called on Moss to issue a public apology to him and his family and for Bell to denounce the statement.

“Faith in God has sustained my family in good times and in bad, and like so many people is the foundation of our lives,” Brewer said. “Faith certainly helped sustain us during my 95-year-old mother’s battle with COVID-19.”

Brewer said he expected the “false attacks” on his record and career, “I expected the false but to question my faith is below any measure of decency — clearly showing Mr. Moss does not have the judgment or maturity to serve the people of North Carolina. I expected us to have differences on issues, but never something this personal.”

Campaign consultant Conrad Pogorzelski calls Brewer’s release demanding an apology a “political stunt” to distract from Moss’ momentum.

“Brewer did not address the statements that he is anti-police which shows what people already know to be true — that he is a part of the radical left and their agenda of defunding the police,” Pogorzelski said. “Brewer said he wants to keep this race about his record in law and Raleigh. His record shows that he is willing to support infanticide and has a history of racist actions as a prosectuor.”

Bell’s office could not be reached for comment.

Brewer was appointed to the seat by Gov. Roy Cooper in 2019 when Ken Goodman was appointed to the N.C. Industrial Commission.

That seat has been held by a Democrat for decades, including former state Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin and his wife, the late Melanie Goodwin.