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Monday, 22 November 2021 14:47

OPINION: General Assembly can still make history

The North Carolina General Assembly remains poised to make open government history next week when lawmakers return to Raleigh for the last time in 2021. It has been a while since our legislature has made any meaningful improvement to North Carolinians’ right to know about government action and performance through access to state and local government records and meetings. Now’s their chance.

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RALEIGH — A bill that would open disciplinary records of government employees is crawling through the Senate, and employee unions and Democrats are determined to kill it.

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With no meaningful state law giving North Carolinians the right to see disciplinary records of those they employ in state and local government jobs, how will we ever know? 

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Senate Bill 355, legislation that promotes and enhances public access to the performance records of public employees, is generating significant resistance from various state organizations that have several things in common- they are all union related and they are determined to continue operating without public scrutiny.

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