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RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed a bill to ban abortions based on an unborn child's race or the presence of Down syndrome. It's his second veto in a week and third overall this year.

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RALEIGH — Jaden Ng, 13, and her family sat in the gallery on Thursday morning to watch the N.C. Senate vote to ban abortions sought based on the likelihood of Down syndrome, the condition Jaden has had her entire life.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 15:03

COLUMN: NC Republicans exploiting outrage

Republicans in the North Carolina Senate passed a bill last night designed to fire up its base in the 2020 election. They called it “The Abortion Survivor Bill.” In reality, it’s a bill that does virtually nothing but gives GOP members of the legislature a reason to bash Democrats when they’re pandering to their evangelical base. 

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