ROCKINGHAM — With the 9th Congressional District special election only days away, several voters and party leaders are concerned about the exclusion of third-party candidates.

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Monday, 08 April 2019 11:12

COLUMN: Coerced funding bad for politics

After Durham businessman Greg Lindberg, state Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes, and two of Lindberg’s business associates were indicted in an alleged bribery scheme, advocates of government-funded campaigns scurried to restate their argument. But the latest incident doesn’t make it any more persuasive.

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RALEIGH — Leslie McCrae Dowless, the alleged mastermind of an election fraud scheme in the 9th Congressional District, was arrested Wednesday and jailed in Wake County.

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RALEIGH — The political operative at the heart of the 9th Congressional District scandal won’t tell his story under oath — yet.

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