Rita Thames

Rita Thames

Inspiration can take many forms. For Rev. James Brigman, Jr., pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church and his wife, Lori, it comes in the form of a child. The child is their 9-year-old daughter, Lauren Faith Brigman, who is a CAP/C (Community Alternative Program/children) child. This means Lauren is considered medically fragile for life.

The CAP/C program is a Medicaid waiver program created to provide services for medically fragile children under 21 who are at risk of institutional care. It allows children who need long-term nursing care to stay at home with their family instead of having to stay in a nursing home or hospital. This program allows Lauren Faith to receive in-home services while her parents work. The Brigmans are concerned that cuts will be made in Medicaid, endangering the CAP/C program that her mother says has kept Lauren Faith alive since her birth in Chapel Hill as a 1 lb. 11 oz. preemie. During her 2nd month of pregnancy, Brigman contracted a rare virus, which affected the development of her unborn child’s brain.

To cool down on a hot, summer day, what better treat than ice cream? It doesn’t have to be summertime though, to enjoy ice cream from Twisted Treats, a local ice cream shop owned and operated by Chris and Ashley Turner. The Turners opened Twisted Treats in August of last year. They sought a business that would benefit the community.

Tim Pattan of Pattan’s Downtown Grille, has been around barbecue for as long as he can remember. While growing up, he remembers his dad preparing a pig picking once a year. Opening his own “BBQ joint” in April of 2014, has been 16 years in the making, with Pattan “chasing the memory” of his dad’s barbecues.

Too often, it may seem that professing Christians are busier doing church than being the church in our communities. Displaying the life of Jesus through his people, loving Jesus and loving others is the mantra that some local youth and their leaders carried in their hearts to Boone, N.C.

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