Betty Gallo McIntyre

Betty Gallo McIntyre

HAMLET – Fall is the best time of year for carnivals and candy. And for local special needs students, an exclusive night is set to give them the perfect combination of both.

This Little Piggy Stayed Home

About a year ago, a couple of friends of mine decided to become part-time pig farmers. They purchased ten pigs; five males and five females. They recently decided to retire and make pig farming a full-time job. The construction started and after more pens were built, the breeding process began.

Azi the Rescue Horse

I was recently speaking to a friend who was telling me about her farm and the strange, but sometimes funny things that happen there. Her grandson has chickens which he raises to sell the eggs. He also has two horses, one named Lena, the other named Red Ted. He also has two miniature pigs named Dallas and Buddy.

My friend wanted a horse of her own, but her husband wouldn’t agree to it until after she was retired. The day of retirement finally came, and the search for a horse began.

They wanted to rescue a horse, so the process took a while. They finally found the right horse, although it wasn’t a sight to dwell upon. This horse was no thoroughbred. He had obviously been neglected; he had a swayed back, and was scrawny with his ribs showing. They took him home, named him Azi, and gave him loving care.

In no time Azi was a happy, healthy horse. Not long after Azi moved into his new home and before he got his health back, he escaped from the barn. The door had not been latched, so he took advantage of the opportunity to roam free. With Azi being so puny, the owners were shocked when he took off full force running through the hay field and jumping perfectly through the hay racks like he was a champion runner.

The farm dog took off after him and also enjoyed the run from beneath Azi’s two front legs. The entire time the owners held their breath hoping the dog wouldn’t get stomped on. They were quite entertained while they watched in amazement as this scraggly looking horse did what only a show horse could. After a nice long run and with some quick thinking, Azi was finally lured back into the stall with some feed, all the while, the dog remained in one piece.

I would say they all, including the owners, got their workout for the day. Looks can be deceiving!


The Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is in so much of our food and drinks, it has the tendency to have negative effects on people.. Most of the HFCS that we consume is in sugar-sweetened drinks and processed foods.

Because of this, obesity rates have more than tripled, with diabetes increasing more than seven-fold. Even in moderation, HFCS triggers total body inflammation, as well as being a major cause of heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay, and more.

HFCS is not natural and the body doesn’t recognize it as a natural food, therefore it confuses the body. It also confuses the body’s drive for appetite, which increases the drive for appetite. It is chemically processed, and people are being misinformed of the harm it causes.

“The goal of the corn industry is to call into question any claim of harm from consuming HFCS and to confuse and deflect by calling their product natural corn sugar,” Mark Hyman, MD, stated in an article. “That’s like calling tobacco in cigarettes natural herbal medicine.”

There is no natural digestion needed for HFCS, therefore, it goes straight into the liver and triggers the production of fats like triglycerides and cholesterol. It is the major cause of liver damage in this country.

The next time you go shopping, take a few moments to read the labels on the items you purchase. This could save you from future illnesses.

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The Case of the Missing Hermit Crab

I received a phone call from my oldest daughter, Jessica, a few days ago telling me about a recent situation. Her family had been here visiting in August and went to Myrtle Beach. While at the beach, they purchased two hermit crabs for my grandchildren.

HAMLET – Senior veterans gathered at the Cole Auditorium on Richmond Community College’s campus Thursday for lunch, entertainment and a variety of information.

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Fall's Splendor

Fall's Splendor

With summer ending this week, my favorite time of year is finally here; minus the allergies that come along with it. There is something special about fall with the crisp, refreshing air it brings.

It seems as if America is experiencing many trials and tribulations lately with all the storms, wildfires, and their aftermaths. After going through a bout of writer’s block, I feel a need to focus on community. 

HAMLET – With all the devastation from the recent hurricanes in southeast Texas and the Florida peninsula, two teenagers from Hamlet and one from East Rockingham decided they wanted to make a difference in the lives of those helping the hurricane victims.

Several articles ago, I wrote about a dog named Lady who became best friends with a rooster. Lady needed a home, and a coworker of mine and his family adopted her. The rooster was eventually named Otis, but was originally thought to be a hen that they named Gurdy.

HAMLET – As the 2017-2018 school year began in Richmond County on Monday, August 28, 2017, Superintendent Dr. Cindy Goodman called the first week back a “total success.” 

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