Rebecca Pierce

Rebecca Pierce

ROCKINGHAM — With just T-4 days until Super Bowl LIII kicks off in Atlanta, millions of Americans are scrambling to solidify their game day plans. 

Tuesday, 11 December 2018 23:06

Hamlet teen starts race to help needy families

HAMLET — During this time of year marked by the exchanging of presents with friends, family, and neighbors alike, so too spike the campaigns by organizations of all sizes encouraging residents to open their hearts and their wallets to do some charitable giving.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 17:54

Fine Arts Fest continues at Rockingham Middle

The Festival of Fine Arts continued at Rockingham Middle School Tuesday with a series of performances that aimed to entertain, educate and inspire students and staff alike.

“I believe it is so important to continue this tradition,” explained RMS Principal Dr. Theresa Gardner. “Fine Arts Festival allows our students the opportunity to experience things they may not ever get a chance to experience. I know that I have seen performances, myself, that are new to me. This festival serves to educate, motivate and inspire students to think of their passions and their futures beyond the classroom.

ROCKINGHAM — Magic was in the air at 415 Wall St. Monday morning as the students and staff of Rockingham Middle School gathered inside of Kate Finley Auditorium for the school’s annual Fine Arts Festival.

Originating under the leadership of Dr. John Langley, former principal of the then-Rockingham Junior High, this festival was born out of an observed necessity to expose area students to arts and culture that existed in surrounding areas of North Carolina and across the globe.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018 14:23

Ladies Night Out a blooming success

ROCKINGHAM — Hillside Florist hosted its inaugural Ladies Night Out event Sunday evening to an enthusiastic crowd of 15 attendees. The event, held at Hillside, lasted from approximately 3 until 5 p.m. and was a first for the Hillside team.

Ladies Night Out began with an opportunity to mix and mingle with the other guests while perusing the showroom and consuming a selection of hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

A short while later the eager ladies were instructed to take their spots at their work stations where event organizer Will Wright provided an overview of the session’s process. A round of introductions was then held, revealing that the skillsets possessed by the attendees ranged from first-timers to experienced arrangers.

Friday, 16 November 2018 13:13

Hillside hosting floral arrangement workshop

ROCKINGHAM — With less than a week to go before the big Thanksgiving holiday, families everywhere are kicking their preparations into overdrive.  

Menus are being finalized, guest lists are being double checked, and homes are being cleaned to an extent that can only mean extended family is on the way.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 05:04

Hillside Florist:  One Night, Two Free Events

ROCKINGHAM - As the temperatures drop, the days become shorter, and the leaves begin falling from trees, it becomes time to put aside all hope of a second summer and begin focusing upon the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays that will inevitably be here before we know it.

Although this upcoming season is trademarked as the “most wonderful time of the year,” the consequential “to-do” lists that accompany such joyous gatherings can be rather daunting.  There are rooms to be cleaned and meals to be planned, and stacks of dusty boxes of decorations to be pulled out of the attic and their contents prominently put on display.

Friday, 12 October 2018 05:02

RYP vs YPN:  A Healthy Rivalry Continues

LAURINBURG - Flashback to the night of Tuesday, September 11th – As area residents sat anxiously around their televisions following the path of Hurricane Florence, several members of the Richmond Young Professionals set their competitive sights on something a little more lighthearted. 

Instead of focusing on the uncertain weather of the future, they kept their word and decided it was time to settle the score on a battle from the past because, as it turns out, even the threat of a hurricane can’t put a damper on a friendly rivalry, especially when that rivalry involves kickball.

The Richmond Young Professionals and their Scotland County counterpart, the Young Professional s Network, are both organizations designed to provide networking, socializing, and philanthropic opportunities for their local 20-40 somethings. 

Although each organization has its own unique causes, events, and identity, they both share a passion for ongoing healthy competition in relation to their athletic capabilities.

The event, which was the third athletic contest between the two orgs, took place at the James L. Morgan Recreation Complex in Laurinburg on Tuesday, September 11th.  Festivities began around 6:30 p.m. with a period of inter-organizational mingling, which in turn slowly transitioned to whispers of subtle strategy amongst the members of each team.

Shortly after 7:00, things began to get serious as the captains gathered around home plate for the official coin toss and a clarification of the game’s rules.  The players simultaneously took the field, and it was game on.

From the moment the first pitch was rolled out, it was clear that both sides brought their “A” game to the night’s showdown.  Despite valiant offensive efforts by each team, neither side could break through the defensive barriers of their competition during the first two innings, locking the score at 0-0.  It wasn’t until the top of the third that RYP was able to knock in two runs to take the lead.

As the game progressed, the lights came on and the intensity turned up.

The middle innings of the battle royal were filled with impressive base kicks, skilled slides, high flying jumps, and diving catches from both competitors.

However, such attempts by the Scots were no match for the RYP offense, as the Richmond County org hit their stride and secured an 8-0 lead after the top of the fifth.

But things began to take a turn in the bottom of the fifth when YPN kicked a double that brought in their first two runs of the game.  Although not enough to take the lead, the much-needed runs were enough to steal the momentum away from RYP and close the gap to a respectable score of 8-2.

By the conclusion of the 6th, and originally intended to be the final inning, RYP had scored again and thus sat comfortably with a 7-run lead over YPN.  However, with a game filled by such excitement and enthusiasm, the innings flew by faster than either org had anticipated, leaving both sides wanting more.  So, after a quick conversation between the two captains, the decision was made to extend the game up to an MLB regulation length of nine innings.

YPN didn’t take this added time for granted and quickly dialed up the intensity even further, using every trick they had to catch RYP.  Although ultimately unsuccessful, the Scotland natives capitalized on a deep kick down the first base line to bring in two runs and put up the first home run of the night.  The remarkable kick was followed immediately by a triple, which lead to the procurement of an additional run and a new score of 9-7.

Uncomfortable with such a slim lead, RYP countered their rival with five final runs in the top of the eighth.  Followed then by a solid defensive half - inning, the Richmond Young Professionals were able to emerge victorious for the second year in a row.  The final score was 14 to 7.

However, regardless of the score or how serious each player takes this ongoing rivalry, the most important goal of the event was to make connections and further develop a sense of camaraderie between the two groups.  Therefore, the night was concluded with a huddle around home plate while each organization shared a few words about their upcoming events.  Players from RYP were then graciously invited over to YPN’s bleachers to enjoy light snacks, cold beverages, and conversation with new friends.

To find out how you can get involved in RYP or YPN events like these, follow each group on Facebook at Richmond Young Professionals and Young Professional Network Scotland.

Editor’s note:  Given the state of emergency and consequent need for immediate dissemination of information during and following Hurricane Florence, this article was not posted at the appointed time. 



Hamlet, N.C. (Aug. 22, 2018) – The deadline is nearing for nominations for Richmond Community College’s Outstanding Alumni Award.

The deadline is Aug. 31 to nominate a RichmondCC graduate who deserves to be recognized for his or her outstanding achievements.  

Nomination forms must be completed online at 

ROCKINGHAM - For an area that is considered by most standards to be small and rural, Richmond County has made its mark on the world of sports time and time again.   From its nationally ranked high school football program to hosting a NASCAR track that was considered a favorite by many drivers, Richmond County’s stake in the wide spectrum of sports is undeniable.  

And now, as time moves forward, a group of locals is working to help the area establish a similar reputation in yet another sport: disc golf.

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