William R. Toler

William R. Toler

ROCKINGHAM — Two industries in Richmond County are planning to expand their operations, however their identities are being kept secret — for now.

ROCKINGHAM — A pair of pit bulls responsible for mauling a young girl last week will be put down, according to county officials.


It’s been a common topic brought up in meetings of the Richmond County Board of Commissioners in recent years.

Monday, 14 January 2019 17:51

Moss announces intent to run for NC House

ROCKINGHAM — Another Richmond County Republican has announced his intent to run for a state seat long held by Democrats.

HAMLET — A man caught on camera allegedly stealing crab legs from a grocery store on New Year’s Eve was arrested four days later in another county.

ROCKINGHAM — A young girl is in a hospital and two dogs are under quarantine in the Richmond County Animal Shelter following an attack Wednesday afternoon.

ROCKINGHAM — A highway project in Richmond County has been put on the fast track, the N.C. Department of Transportation announced Thursday.

HAMLET— Additional warrants have been issued for a man previously accused of attempted burglary following another incident this week.

ROCKINGHAM — City leaders are giving a former hotel owner another month to progress on cleaning up — two years after it was destroyed by a fire.

ROCKINGHAM — Progress on Richmond Community College’s downtown campus will continue — for now — during the federal government shutdown.

However, that all depends on the willingness of the contractor.

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