Dan Way - Carolina Journal News Service

Dan Way - Carolina Journal News Service

In a landmark victory for N.C. Republican lawmakers, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled gerrymandered congressional districts are a political issue, which federal courts should not decide as a matter of law.

RALEIGH — The largest physicians group in eastern North Carolina has agreed to participate in State Treasurer Dale Folwell’s cost-saving Clear Pricing Project.

RALEIGH — Republican senators are making one last push to ease anti-competitive health-care laws before the legislative session ends.

RALEIGH — Legislative leaders released highlights of a $24 billion spending plan for 2019-20 while girding for a budget battle with Gov. Roy Cooper.

RALEIGH — Legislative leaders are calling Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget bluff.

RALEIGH — Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper finally sat down with Republican legislative leaders Wednesday, June 19, less than two weeks before the end of the fiscal year, to negotiate a budget.

RALEIGH — State Treasurer Dale Folwell has reeled in a big fish. 

With a deadline just 13 days away, Community Care Physician Network, North Carolina’s largest network of independent physician clinics, announced Monday, June 17, it signed on to the State Health Plan’s cost-cutting Clear Pricing Project.

RALEIGH — If all the solar panels from industrial-scale electric plants in North Carolina were laid end to end, they would stretch from Raleigh to San Francisco and back nearly four times. Yet the state has no plan to handle the 475,000 tons of panels once they wear out and become waste.

RALEIGH — Benefit or boondoggle? That’s the billion-dollar question.

North Carolina surpassed the $1 billion mark in renewable energy investment tax credits issued in 2018 — three years after the lucrative subsidy program to stimulate solar development expired. Taxpayers have picked up the bill, and could be on the hook for hundreds of millions of more tax credits in coming years.

RALEIGH — While North Carolina continues to seek ways to fill medical provider voids across the state, government regulations block one partial solution.

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