Lindsay Marchello - Carolina Journal News Service

Lindsay Marchello - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — Wednesday was a busy day for the Senate Education Committee, which approved six bills during its April 17 meeting. Three of them directly affect K-12 education.

GREENSBORO — Community leaders, school choice advocates, and religious leaders gathered at Next Generation Academy on Monday, April 15, in support of a bill to help charter schools cover the cost of getting students to their classrooms.

RALEIGH — Once again teachers will descend on the state capital to call for more public school funding, Medicaid expansion, and a $15 minimum wage for all school workers.

RALEIGH — Under a recently introduced bill, teachers would be directly responsible for using $400 to buy school supplies through the N.C. Classroom Supply Program, but not everyone is sold on the proposal.

RALEIGH — North Carolina high schoolers may be required to pass a financial literacy course in order to graduate, but a certified financial planner says children should start learning about finances even earlier and parents can take the initiative to teach these lessons.

RALEIGH — Lawmakers in the House are working to give the Senate some options for changing how school performance grades are calculated, including one change that would split the single performance grade into two separate grades for achievement and growth.

RALEIGH — A nearly $2 billion school construction bond proposal sailed through its initial House vote with bipartisan support.

RALEIGH — The Map Act may have reached the end of the road.

RALEIGH — A Wake County Superior Court judge signed a consent order giving the state more time to pay a nearly $730 million judgment in a lawsuit over school technology funds.

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper’s two-year budget proposal would give teachers an average pay raise of 9.1 percent over two years, with no teacher receiving less than a 3 percent raise in either year.

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