Lindsay Marchello - Carolina Journal News Service

Lindsay Marchello - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — The Silent Sam deal might encourage copycats.

The Nov. 27 agreement between the UNC Board of Governors and the N.C. chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, transferring the Confederate monument from the university to the SCV, seems “squirrely,” said former N.C. Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr.

RALEIGH — A decision on Tuesday, Dec. 3, by the N.C. Court of Appeals rebuking Gov. Roy Cooper could have ramifications beyond the initial scope of the case, and it could influence a dispute over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

RALEIGH — The 2020 election season started unofficially today at noon, with the opening of candidate filing for most races.

RALEIGH — Reforms to the Innovative School District are here to stay after Gov. Roy Cooper allowed Senate Bill 522 to become law without his signature.

RALEIGH — Rep. Craig Horn, R-Union, said he wouldn’t be surprised if a judge orders the state to spend more on education.

RALEIGH — Rep. Jeffrey Elmore, R-Wilkes, said one of his teaching colleagues inadvertently took a pay cut.

RALEIGH — The House Appropriations Committee has passed a more than $250-million hurricane relief bill that places a greater emphasis on resilience and disaster mitigation.

RALEIGH — The General Assembly has approved a plan to reform the Innovative School District.

RALEIGH — Senate Republicans introduced Wednesday, Oct. 23, a pair of mini-budget bills that would raise pay for K-12 educators and university employees.

RALEIGH — Proponents of charter schools worry the Governor’s Commission on Access to a Sound Basic Education will use the Leandro ruling as a roundabout way to restrict charter schools. The most recent commission meeting, Monday, Oct. 14, didn’t allay those concerns.

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