Kari Travis - Carolina Journal News Service

Kari Travis - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — If passed, North Carolina’s hotly contested hemp law will probably end up in court, says the state legislator leading efforts to ban the plant’s smokable flower.

RALEIGH — In the midst of a whirlwind trade war, U.S. and Chinese officials are talking once again. But that doesn’t mean the Trump administration is closer to striking a deal to immediately help North Carolina’s struggling farmers, experts say, and a new poll shows rural support for Trump is slipping.

RALEIGH — Fiery arguments over hemp regulation smoldered out Wednesday, July 24, when House members reversed feverish efforts to criminalize the plant’s smokable flower. 

RALEIGH — If North Carolina bans smokable hemp, hundreds of farmers will lose money on their crops — and faith in their legislators, says Blake Butler, executive director of the N.C. Industrial Hemp Commission.

RALEIGH — If you can’t get a law, then go to court.

RALEIGH — Partisan gerrymandering returns to state court Monday, July 15, for a battle that could stretch over weeks.

RALEIGH — The General Assembly is shuffling and slogging its way toward a simpler criminal code.

RALEIGH — North Carolina lawmakers want farmers to grow more hemp.

RALEIGH — A court battle over legislative redistricting escalated Tuesday, July 2, into a tug-of-war over records that may or may not be considered public.

RALEIGH — Andrew Ross, a Marine Corps veteran who served in Afghanistan, in January was working private security for a cross-country delivery of hemp. Ross’s task was simple: Guard a truckload of state-approved industrial hemp, grown in Kentucky, and bound for Colorado.

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