Rick Henderson - Carolina Journal News Service

Rick Henderson - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s deadline for accepting mail-in absentee ballots in this year’s election finally may be settled at the venue state conservative leaders wanted: the U.S. Supreme Court.

RALEIGH — The election lawsuit merry-go-round keeps turning, as tens of thousands of North Carolinians cast ballots at early voting sites, and legislative leaders urge the State Board of Elections to “stop this chaos.”

RALEIGH — A U.S. District Court judge will not permit N.C. election officials to count absentee ballots that lack a witness signature required by law. But the judge has refused to block other election changes that generated opposition from Republicans.

Thursday, 08 October 2020 10:23

Election lawsuits head back to federal court

RALEIGH — Two lawsuits challenging the N.C. State Board of Elections’ plans for handling absentee ballots this fall head before a federal judge Thursday, Oct. 8, in Greensboro. A hearing on both suits is scheduled less than one day after the same judge criticized the state elections board in a separate case.

RALEIGH — A federal judge has temporarily blocked the State Board of Elections’ attempt to rewrite N.C. elections law. The board had tried to use a state-level lawsuit settlement to change absentee ballot rules.

RALEIGH — Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins signed off on a deal letting the State Board of Elections rewrite several parts of a state election law dealing with absentee ballots in the current election cycle.

RALEIGH — The day after the state announced a settlement with Democratic super-litigator Marc Elias likely gutting absentee ballot protections, the State Board of Elections’ two Republican members resigned. They suggested they were tricked into going along with a plan to let the board’s director negotiate settlements out of court.

RALEIGH — Some N.C. felons who have finished their active prison time will be able to cast ballots in the 2020 election, based on a 2-1 ruling from a state Superior Court panel.

RALEIGH — A Superior Court judge has rejected Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s attempt to throw out some of Gov. Roy Cooper’s executive orders linked to COVID-19. But the same judge is allowing the case to move forward.

RALEIGH — Follow the money, the saying goes. In this year’s elections in North Carolina, the money leans left. School choice is the target. You can see it in the race for state superintendent and, subtly, in the fight for state Supreme Court.

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