John Trump - Carolina Journal News Service

John Trump - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, decreed Wednesday, April 28, that he will lift the mandate on masks for people outside, but that the indoor mandate will remain at least until June 1.

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s governor would face a new 10-day limit on unchecked use of emergency powers, under a bill approved Tuesday on a party-line vote in the state Senate.

RALEIGH — The N.C. House has approved a measure that could pave the way for ending the state’s twice-a-year ritual of setting clocks forward and back.

It seems Gov. Roy Cooper doesn’t get out much, meaning outside North Carolina.

RALEIGH — A House Judiciary committee is scheduled Tuesday, April 13, to take up a bill that would fully reopen bars and restaurants, as long as they follow specific safety guidelines.

RALEIGH — Three years after the N.C. electorate decided to add a voter identification requirement to the state constitution, Republican lawmakers are defending voter ID in court.

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper on Friday, April 9, signed two bills into law designed to help students who lost more than a year of in-person learning because of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

RALEIGH — A Greenville bar owner’s lawsuit challenging the state Emergency Management Act is heading to a three-judge panel. The panel will decide whether the act is unconstitutional because of the power it grants to Gov. Roy Cooper.

RALEIGH — A supermajority of the N.C. House has approved a proposed constitutional amendment to strengthen private property rights against eminent domain land takings.

RALEIGH — A bill introduced by House Majority Leader John Bell, R-Wayne, is meant to help improve crisis intervention and services for veterans suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues.

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