Johnny Kampis - Carolina Journal News Service

Johnny Kampis - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s Debt Affordability Advisory Committee says the state should set aside $100 million a year to help the state pension systems remain solvent.

RALEIGH — Free-market advocates in North Carolina are optimistic the relaxing of regulations in the state will help promote the growth of broadband and help close the digital divide.

RALEIGH — An audit released by State Auditor Beth Wood’s office Thursday, Feb. 18, found the state Department of Health and Human Services did a poor job of gatekeeping the Medicaid Provider Enrollment process.

RALEIGH — Twelve of 15 members of Congress from North Carolina missed more votes in 2020 than the median absences of their peers. In addition, both Tar Heel state U.S. senators outpaced most other senators for missed votes, a government watchdog reports.

RALEIGH — As state lawmakers try to sort out when students can go back to school full time, members of the House are sponsoring a bill that would offer a voluntary summer school program for North Carolina students.

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper’s call for more money for schools while also indicating he would veto a bill that could send students back to school has many in the state scratching their heads.

RALEIGH — North Carolina, which saw a tightening of the presidential race in the 2020 election, was among the states that saw an influx of money from Mark Zuckerberg in the months leading up to the voting.

RALEIGH — State lawmakers are trying again to eliminate the use of hand-held cellphones by operators of motor vehicles. 

RALEIGH — North Carolinians can now view results from an ongoing survey designed to show gaps in coverage in the state, which so far indicates a lack of access to broadband.

RALEIGH — In yet another sign of turmoil at the N.C. Division of Employment Security, officials announced this week the division overpaid more than $69 million in unemployment benefits last year.

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