Julie Havlak - Carolina Journal News Service

Julie Havlak - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — When Hurricane Florence battered North Carolina, vaccines spoiled in Lee Ann Amann’s clinic and across the coastline. Without a reliable generator, her clinic shut down and lost tens of thousands of dollars.

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s state pension plan is prepared to weather another recession, a Pew Charitable Trusts stress test says. 

RALEIGH — When her teenage son collapsed in a seizure, it hit High Point mother Kelly Kinard. Luka was addicted. He was vaping the equivalent of 80 cigarettes per day, and it took sending him to rehab in California to get him to stop.

RALEIGH — A doctor suing to overturn restrictions on patient care just won his first victory.

RALEIGH — Medicaid transformation could be a casualty of the budget stalemate.

RALEIGH — Hurricane victims, struggling rural hospitals, and the state Department of Transportation will get an infusion of cash. 

RALEIGH — The N.C. Department of Transportation’s financial woes may be over, but its headaches live on.

RALEIGH — Road construction will begin to ramp up again early next year, but contractors say they will suffer in the meantime.

RALEIGH — Bruce Clarke couldn’t help his client, so she called a lawyer and ended up with a bill near $1,000.

RALEIGH — At the nation’s largest employer of the blind, only a skeletal crew of workers remains.

After IFB Solutions lost its Veterans Affairs contracts, the nonprofit lost 99 jobs, and the layoffs aren’t over in its optical lab in Winston-Salem. In total, some 137 employees, including 76 blind people and 15 veterans, will face unemployment.

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