Julie Havlak - Carolina Journal News Service

Julie Havlak - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — Dale Owen has been called many things, depending on who’s talking. He’s a cardiologist with a “bullseye” on his back, who is fighting to resurrect a dinosaur: independent, doctor-owned practices.

RALEIGH — As flu season approaches, doctors fear more young adults will die of vaping-related illnesses.

RALEIGH — When a patient’s lungs began to fail, doctors had no ready explanation — until they read media reports of vaping-related illnesses.

RALEIGH — With fiscal forecasts predicting the State Health Plan will go broke in four years, the N.C. treasurer is hatching new tactics to push hospitals into clear pricing.

RALEIGH — Doctors expect more people to die of vaping-related illnesses in North Carolina.

RALEIGH — A multibillion-dollar deal is dead.

Friday, 27 September 2019 14:44

Disabled adults struggle to get medical care

RALEIGH — It’s just a matter of time before Matt Potter is on his own. 

He knows that eventually he will have to rely on staff — to lift him, to change him, to prepare his meals — but that, all too often, the staff just might not be there. 

RALEIGH — The state insurance commissioner is calling for the head of Blue Cross N.C. to resign.

RALEIGH — To bear the burden of expanding Medicaid, states rely on Uncle Sam to pick up 90% of the costs. So far, the federal government hasn’t failed. But how sustainable is the Medicaid program, really?

RALEIGH — The Republican version of Medicaid expansion will move to the House floor.

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