Mitch Kokai - Carolina Journal

Mitch Kokai - Carolina Journal

RALEIGH — A split 2-1 state Superior Court panel has rejected North Carolina's voter ID law, five months after holding a trial in the case. The court majority labeled the 2018 law racially discriminatory and unconstitutional.

RALEIGH — Complaints on social media from a left-wing redistricting activist are drawing fire from a state Senate redistricting leader. He accuses the activist of "begging" people to deliver her scripted remarks during public hearings.

Gov. Roy Cooper’s latest veto tosses the debate about N.C. public school indoctrination back into the hands of state lawmakers.

RALEIGH — Felons who registered to vote in North Carolina during an 11-day window between recent court rulings will be allowed to vote in upcoming elections. The state Supreme Court ruled Friday in favor of those quick-acting prospective voters.

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper has pulled out his veto stamp again to reject bills dealing with public school indoctrination and penalties for rioting. Cooper now has vetoed 10 bills this year and 63 bills since becoming governor in 2017.

RALEIGH — The state Senate has voted again, 27-15, to place new limits on the governor's emergency powers. The Senate's endorsement of the measure returns the issue to the state House.

RALEIGH — "The right to live includes the right to work.”

That simple statement opens the text of a state law that has helped boost North Carolina’s economic competitiveness for nearly 75 years.

RALEIGH — The legislative committees charged with drawing North Carolina's new congressional and legislative election maps will take public comment at 13 different hearings during the next month. Participating lawmakers will head as far east as Elizabeth City and as far west as Cullowhee.

RALEIGH — A statewide campaign launched by the John Locke Foundation — publisher of The Carolina Journal — urges public school teachers to save $500 in dues each year by leaving the partisan N.C. Association of Educators.

RALEIGH — The N.C. House voted 63-41 Tuesday on a final version of a bill increasing penalties for rioting. The bill now heads to the governor.

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