Andrew Dunn - Carolina Journal News Service

Andrew Dunn - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — Given the freedom to choose whether to mandate masks for students, school boards across the state have begun voting to make face coverings optional for the coming school year.

RALEIGH — Occupational therapists who move to North Carolina would have an easier time getting back to work under a bill in the General Assembly.

RALEIGH — The Senate is close to approving a trio of health care bills aimed at reducing costs and increasing transparency in the system.

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper’s Department of Revenue did not do enough to get “Extra Credit” grants to low-income families eligible for them, a new audit finds.

RALEIGH — After two years of stalemate with the General Assembly, Gov. Roy Cooper used his “State of the State” address to pressure lawmakers to embrace his priorities — expanding Medicaid and dramatically increasing state spending. 

RALEIGH — A new bill supported by influential N.C. senators would protect the confidentiality of donors to nonprofit organizations and charities.

RALEIGH — Nearly two-thirds of North Carolinians worry about harmful side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, even as a growing majority say they’ll take it to get back to normal life.

RALEIGH — The General Assembly will consider a measure to enshrine North Carolina’s right-to-work policies in the state constitution.

RALEIGH — A bipartisan group of senators is crafting legislation that would find ways to expand broadband access in North Carolina.

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